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Climb in Fragrant Hills Park and Admire Beautiful Flowers


Situated in the west suburb of Beijing with an area of 188 hectares, the Fragrant Hills Park is an imperial garden featuring steep topography and undulating green peaks. The main peak, Xianglu Peak is the most steep and cliffy peak in the Park, with an altitude of 557 meters. It is the most popular mountain-climbing place for Beijing people.

The Fragrant Hills Park has always been a mountain for apricot blossoms since ancient times. Every spring, the apricot flowers blossomed together, spreading the strong fragrance far away. On the north side of the Fragrant Hills Park, there is a secret place named Jianxinzhai. As the story goes, it was initially established in Ming Dynasty under the rein of Jiajing Emperor (1522-1566), and renovated several times later. Surrounded by a peaceful environment, Jianxinzhai adopts an annular, unique courtyard architectural structure full of Jiangnan-style sentiments. However, it is not located on the main route, so there are fewer tourists here. For people who desire a tranquil place to hang out with friends for relaxation in this season, here is a great choice!


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