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A Sneak Peek into Nanluoguxiang's Courtyard Inns


Bearing the stamp of history, courtyards are the first choice if you want to have a profound understanding of the city, displaying the taste of past days. Among a host of hotels around Nanluoguxiang, the followings stand out with strong Beijing flavor.

DuGe Boutique Hotel

The Hotel is sited on the courtyard of one of the four houses in 18th century, Suojia (the house of an official in Qing Dynasty). The black doors and red walls, the carved wooden windows, and the dense bamboo groves exemplify the influence and fame of the house.

The impressive Tibetan Thangka, ornate Arabic fabrics, deluxe French Baccarat chandeliers and the richly embroidered beddings in wings, the revolutionary combination present the distinctive DuGe designer courtyard boutique hotel. 90% of the original architectural pattern is kept to maintain the oriental charm. The calligraphy and paintings of the hostess, photography collections, Miao headwear, porcelain paintings, Beijing Opera facial masks, and old Shanghai posters adorn the details of the Hotel, adding more oriental vitality.

Living in DuGe is a journey through times. After a stroll around Houhai in the morning and a visit to Simatai Great Wall or 798 in the day, DeGe Hotel is the warm home waiting for you with the dim lights in the Hutong. Such a day in Beijing cannot be more attractive.

Address: No. 26, QianYuanensiHutong, Nanluoguxiang, Dongcheng District

Tel: 010-64060686

Graceland Yard Hotel Beijing

Soaking with thorough Zen culture, every corner of the Graceland Yard Hotel reflects the atmosphere, environment, and history of Zen culture.

The traditional Chinese culture and custom, the mingling of time-honored imperial city and modern metropolis, and the collision of pure and subtle Zen culture and colorful material civilization, every detail of the Hotel gives customers unique living experience. The omnipresent lotus and the solemn figure of Buddha facing the bed narrate the mystery of oriental culture in peace.

Equipped with antique furniture, adorned with Chinese calligraphy and paintings, antiques, and Chinese ethnic handicrafts, the 8 rooms differ from each other in style. The exclusive private balconies of some luxury suites with rare grand antique carved wooden beds embrace broad views of the imperial city.

Address: No. A9, Zhengjue Hutong, Xinjiekou Street, Xicheng District, Beijing

Tel: (010)83288366

Purple Courtyard Hotel

Beautiful yards, classic and tidy rooms, and the convenient public transportation ensure quality living experience at Purple Courtyard Hotel, a foreign-related hotel reconstructed from old Beijing dwellings. The assortments of snacks and the peddling of old Beijing flavor in the surrounding criss-crossed hutongs and alleys bring gusts back to the old time of Beijing. 

The antique decoration - the carved gallery and painted beams - tells the story of the imperial city; the ancient hutongs keep poise and tranquility in the vicissitudes of time. The vintage carved bed and romantic veils blur the time, presenting a picture of yesterdays.

Diverse elements of life converge on the block. The typical old Beijing architectures, such as Tian’anmen, the Forbidden City, the Zhonglou and Gulou, Houhai Bar Street, the Prince Gong Mansion, YandaiXiejie, are in the neighborhood; the modern buildings, like the national key academy - Central Academy of Drama, are within touch.

Address: No. 24, ShajingHutongJia, Nanluoguxiang, Dongcheng District, Beijing

Tel: 010-64052375

Hutong Impressions Guesthouse

The Hutong Impressions Guesthouse at the Banchang Hutong thoroughly and carefully restores the life of families in Hutongs of the past time. A dazzling Yongjiu (Forever) 28-inch bicycle stands in front of the door and a row of bamboo birdcages hang from the eave. Hearing the ding-dong of the copper bell, an aunt walked out and welcomed visitors. The Beijing greetings make guest feels at home in the deep hutong.

A giant hand drawing comes into the sight as soon as we entered the lobby. A stand of trees and the houses with red doors and gray walls along the street brings the memory back to yesterday. The collections of the owners are exhibited on the hand-made tables and shelves in the spacious and bright lobby.

The decoration is simple but thoughtful. The ink paintings of bamboo, kingfisher, and calyx canthus are ethereal and the paper-cut lamp brings warmness. Each room is named after the name of Hutongs in Luoguxiang, such as Suoyi Hutong, Ju’er Hutong, Chaodou Hutong, Dongmianhua Hutong. Outside the window, the genuine impressions of Hutong are presented by the courtyards with gray bricks and green tiles.

Address: No. 8, BanchangHutongJia, Nanluoguxiang, Dongcheng District, Beijing

Tel: 010-64073799


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