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Archaic Alley of Black Bricks and Grey Tiles


Nanluoguxiang Bar Street is a unique style bar street which is built with one-storey houses on both sides. This bar street is studded with numerous bars and small shops. There is a predominance of foreign tourists and students from the Central Academy of Drama. Here you can appreciate traditional siheyuan of antique beauty and indulge yourself in the tranquility far away from the bustle and hustle.


The conspicuous bar is located at the intersection of Gulou Avenue and diagonally opposite the Yao’s Chaogan Restaurant. In comparison to other bustling bars, it is relatively quiet. It features vintage and elegant decoration with a touch of artistic style.

The first floor is arranged with three to four tables. The second floor is a good place to appreciate charming sceneries and overlook tourists strolling along the bustling hutongs. CAFE&BAR boasts booming business and its special mulled wine is well received by female guests. Come here earlier, or else you will queue up for vacant seat. This bar keeps an adorable dog, which brings enormous vitality and enjoyment to this bar. Barkeeper of this bar, a Beijing native, is very hospitable and sincere. At night, you can visit here and have a chat with him over a glass of wine.

Tel.: 15701513320 18600430819

Address: No. 286, Gulou East Avenue, Dongcheng District, Beijing

16mm Bar

In front of Starbucks, 16mm Bar embraces pretty quiet environment. It features vintage decoration and nostalgic theme, which is suitable for photographing. In particular, nighttime environment can create amazing photographing effect. Hence, you are strongly recommended to come here with your friends. This bar offers non-alcoholic mojito and alcoholic one with excellent mouthfeel. Of course, non-alcoholic mojito is also great and brings you quite another taste. Such a quiet and romantic nestled in the bustling and hustling Nanluoguxiang is very rare. Here you can read a favorite book or browse telephone to enjoy pleasant time.

Tel.: 010-64063863

Address: No. 57 (nearby the Central Academy of Drama), Nanluoguxiang, Dongcheng District, Beijing

Wiggly Jiggly's

Located at the intersection of hutong and main street, Wiggly Jiggly's is easy to be found. This mini bar of artistic flavor is a good place for guests to appreciate sceneries of streets nearby. Small as it is, it is crowded with guests at night. Bartenders are very cordial and make you feel at home. They are also ready to give you a hand if anything is needed. In the tranquil environment, you can have a little chat with friends over a glass of drink.

Tel.: 010-84044926

Address: No. 1 Heizhima Hutong, Nanluoguxiang, Dongcheng District, Beijing

Guiyi Bar

Themed “returning to life”, Guiyi Bar is nestled in Xiaojuer Hutong, Nanluoguxiang. This bar is generally open to guests at seven o’clock at night and enjoys great popularity among Beijingers and tourists. The not-so-spacious bar is arranged with about ten tables and a few chairs. Its guests are dominated by regular customers who are accustomed to enjoying their nightlife here. Many of them are attracted by mellow rice wine made with special recipe by the barkeeper. Rice wine is not too strong with mild taste and very suitable for female guests. What's more, wine bottles are pretty beautiful and boast various colors. Menus are quite special and are made from bamboos. Inviting some friends after work, you can order homemade rice wine and dishes of various flavors, have a free chat and relax your bodies and minds while enjoying light music and a glass of rice wine.

Tel.: 18600198844

Address: No. 81, Xiaojuer Hutong, Dongcheng District, Beijing


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