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Enjoying Afternoon Tea Time at Nanluoguxiang


At Beijing’s noted Nanluoguxiang, visitors can not only experience the maximum Beijing style, but also enjoy tasty dessert and coffee. You can come here either alone or with your friends, watch people on the go in the gentle and faint yellow lights and elegant fragrance of flowers. Nothing is more comfortable than this.

Wenyu Nailao

If seeing a long waiting line at front of this cheese shop from a distance, you will possibly wonder that they are just out of curiosity or long for the yummy takeaway. Rich milk with sandy red beans gently collide your teeth, bringing you the sweet and delicious taste experience.

Estimated Average Spend: 16 yuan per person

Address: No. 49, South Luogu Lane (at entrance of Heizhima Hutong)

Miss Hai’s Cake

Themed with rose, this dessert shop purchases ingredients from Shangri-La which is at the altitude of over 6,000m above sea level and blessed with the purest air. Freshly baked, rose cakes feature crispy skin and moderate thickness. Having a big bite, you will enjoy soft and rich palate generated by stuffing of creativity, worthy of high recommendation.

In order to maintain the original refreshing mouthfeel of rose, brown sugar extracted from sugarcane leaves and wild honey are purchased from rural areas to make stuffing together with rose petals. Stuffing is wrapped with layers of skins made of flour, is not greasy and gives you the pure sweet taste of rose.

In addition to well-received rose cakes, this restaurant launches other rose foods like rose-flavored nougat, making your mouth watery.

Estimated Average Spend: 22 yuan

Address: No. 117, main street of Nanluoguxiang (diagonally opposite the Central Academy of Drama)

Peking Coffee

Located at Nanluoguxiang, to the northwest of the theater of the Central Academy of Drama, Peking Coffee links the Peking Station Hostel. Most people who walk by Peking Coffee would be under the impression that it was a flower shop. You can’t blame them for that because it is indeed decorated with fresh and blooming flowers both outside and inside. Despite the myriad of colors, they look unbelievably harmonious together and smell so good. On the main street of Nanluoguxiang, it is somewhat a rare occurrence to run a coffeehouse in such a quiet corner.

Estimated Average Spend: 75 yuan

Address: No. 113-2, Nanluogu Alley, Dongcheng District, Beijing

Lovely Time

Lovely Time, themed by succulent plants, creates a warm and cozy atmosphere for its guests. Entering the shop, you will be attracted by its unique interior decoration, a mini garden embellished with colorful fresh and dried flowers as well as numerous succulent plants.

There are three dogs, with breeds of Shiba Inu, Corgi and Huskie. They are well received by guests and bring infinite happiness to guests. Alternatively, guests can have a walk to appreciate varieties of succulent plants.

The adorable dogs and beautiful flowers have seized a great number of customers while the owner adds more surprises with easy western food and special drinks. The extra-large tuna salad is a must-try; the generous portion of tuna can satisfy every gastronome. The apple and guava-flavored drinks are one of the specialties offered by the café.

Estimated Average Spend: 64 yuan

Address: No. 60, Beiluogu Xiang (the north of the Succulent Museum)

Maoxiaoyuan (Cat Yard)

“Maoxiaoyuan”, a restaurant themed with cats, creates a fantastic world for cat lovers. The lazy cats may ask customers for food. Enjoying food and the visit of cats, customers can have a cozy and tranquil time here. The tiny store has several floors full of cats with the aroma of coffer lingering in the air.

The pampered cats are like learned scholars, confident and elegant, spoiled by customers. Customers often spend more time with cats instead of food.

Teriyaki chicken rice is presented as lovely Hello Kitty. The milk tea, cake, milkshake are all nice choices. Cat Yard is a wonderful place for afternoon tea with the company of cats and tasty food.

Estimated Average Spend: 75 yuan

Address: No. 20, Ju’erHutong, Nanluoguxiang


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