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Must-go Restaurants in Beijing's Nanluoguxiang


Nanluoguxiang is the only completely conserved lane with Beijing taste. It possesses the taste of hutong in Beijing, mixing with many exquisite stores, shops and plenty foods and snacks.

No. 69 Fangzhuanchang Hutong Noodles

At the front of a noodle restaurant nestled in Fangzhuanchang Hutong, stands a long queue of guests thirsting for the homemade Zhajiangmian, fried sauce noodles, which are hailed as Beijing’s most delicious noodles online.

A big bowl of noodles are covered with shredded cucumber and cabbage and cooked soybeans. You will be also served with a small bowl of authentic soybean paste containing a sight of diced meat, whose strong fragrance is enough to lick your chops. Chili oil is made by the boss and is enough spicy to whet your appetite.

Chewy noodles, with fragrant soybean paste, refreshing vegetables and well-marbled meat, will make you lick your lips. Laba garlic offered in the restaurant are free and you can have a hearty eating.

Estimated Average Spend: 17 yuan

Address: No. 1, Fangzhuanchang Hutong

The Wind Chimes Pub

The Wind Chimes Pub is famous for its homemade mijiu (rice wine). Staying at the warm room, you will enjoy a romantic and heartwarming winter over a glass of peach blossom wine.

Rice wines with different tastes made by the pub will give you refreshing and pleasant aftertastes. Meanwhile, varieties of dishes launched here are palatable and at an equitable price. Especially, braised pork in brown sauce is very delectable with rice. Both cold and hot wines are offered, and dining tables are equipped with a mini stove for heating up wine, that is awesome. People who like to drink are all honest and frank and will have a great delightful talk together over a pot of wine at a snug restaurant...

Osmanthus fragrans tangyuan sweet soup features agreeable sweetness and soft and waxy taste, and dispels the effects of alcohol. With an awkward-sounding name, nice-looking Sakura raindrop cake is embellished with a bit of sugar and Osmanthus fragrans. Sakura inside the cake is in beautiful arrangement and in a fresh brisk style.

Estimated Average Spend: 99 yuan

Address: No. 15, Yu’er Hutong, Nanluoguxiang(nearby Qi Baishi’s Former Residence)


Cheese fondue is a traditional and warm meal for the Swiss. A small pot of cheese fondue is decocted from as many as 15 jin (7.5kg) of milk. In addition, its handmade cheese cake, with lovely appearance, also enjoys great popularity among tourists.

Estimated Average Spend: 106 yuan per person

Address: No. 69, Xiao Ju’er Hutong, Nanluoguxiang

Miss Fu in Chengdu

Situated at Liudaokou, Beijing, Miss Fu in Chengdu has been listed as the “Top 3 Restaurant with the Longest Queue in Beijing” after one year since it was opened, and is worthy of being visited in spite of long-time waiting. This restaurant launches three flavors of soup base for your choice, namely, classic, soup-stock and spicy ones, and varieties of chuanchuan (vegetables or meat strung on fine bamboo sticks). The hotpot is filled with fancy chuanchuan interspersed with red chili oil and sesames, whetting your appetite greatly.

What’s more attractive is that this restaurant offers over 20 special snacks loved by Sichuan people, such as mao naohua (pig brain boiled in sauce), pepper beef, pork intestine rice noodles...

Chongqing-style crispy pork slice features fragrant and not greasy, crispy outside and tender inside, making you keep a covetous eye on them. It is the most delicious one in comparison with other crispy pork slices.

Estimated Average Spend: 87 yuan

Address: Floor 1-2, Building 5, Ground Square of Restoration Project, Entrance A of Nanluoguxiang Station of Subway Line 6


The tiny but clean burger shop attracts a great many regular customers. The open kitchen provides customers with access to the process of burger making. The specialty of KATCHUP is a German-style Manhattan Monster burger.

German-style, in fact, refers to the flavor of pork instead of beef in a burger. The crisp and appetizing fried bacon lying on the fresh and tempting fried beef patty made from the local prime beef endows the monster burger with rich flavors. The egg benedict obsessing quite a few fans with its special taste is laid on the bacon. The yolk bursts and flows out with one bite. Sliced fresh romaine lettuce and tomatoes of the day along with a slice of irresistible pickle balance the portion of vegetables and meat. Moreover, the fried onion coated with bread crumbs brings more inviting smell and intense sweetness beyond imagination!

Estimated Average Spend: 97 yuan

Address: No.53-1, Nandajie, Jiaodaokou (the east end of former YuanensiHutong)


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