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Quaternary Glacial Relics Exhibition Museum of China


The Quaternary Glacial Relics Exhibition Museum of China is the only museum standing on the Quaternary glacial relics and featuring education and popularization of science, such as glacial knowledge, geological rocks, prehistoric life, environmental protection, in China even in Asia.

Lying in Moshikou, Shijingshan District, the Quaternary Glacial Relics Exhibition Museum of China is at the southern foot of Cuiwei Mountain in Xijiao, Beijing, adjacent to Badachu Park, which is 20km away from downtown Beijing.

Including the basic information of Quaternary glaciation, the establishment and development of China Quaternary Glacial Theory created by Mr. Li Siguang, the research and application of glacier system, the role of glacier system in national economic development, and the distribution and investigation of Quaternary glacier in China, a wide range of knowledge on Quaternary glacier are elucidated in the Museum. Pictures of glacial relics constitute the major part of the exhibits along with some moraine specimens.

The Museum is composed of four exhibition halls with different themes presenting knowledge in highly comprehensible way. Earth - Our Home, the Fundamental Knowledge of Quaternary Glaciation, Mr. Li Siguang’ New China Quaternary Glacial Theory, and the Relationship between the Climatic and Environmental Change and Human shed light on the formation of Earth and sun, the relationship between Earth and sun, the origin of human, the formation and extinction of glacier, the contribution of Li Siguang who established the New China Quaternary Glacial Theory and geologists who dedicated themselves to discovering Chinese Quaternary glacial relics.

The Quaternary Glacial Relics Exhibition Museum of China reopened on June 13, 2009 after 2-year reconstruction. The area of new Museum is 5 times than before, reaching 4,200sqm. The glacial striations which were open to the air own their house now. New facilities boost visitors’ experience with the virtual man-machine interaction, restored scenes, and multimedia presentation. The modern two-floor building embraces 5 exhibition zones, such as Relic Preservation Zone, Knowledge Illustration Zone, and Restored Scene Zone, and 18 exhibition rooms.

Address: No. 28, Moshikou, Shijingshan District, Beijing

Transportation: take Special Bus 109, 336, 396, 597, 358, 941, 959, 972, 977, or Yuntong 112, 116 and get off at Moshikou or Shougang Xiaoqu; take subway and transfer at Pingguoyuan Station to Bus 336, 396, 597, 941, 959, 972, 977 or Yuntong 112, 116, get off at Shougang Xiaoqu, or transfer to Special Bus 109, 527, 489 to Moshikou Dongli.

Opening Hours: 9:00-16:00 (The Museum is closed on every Monday.)

Tickets: 10 yuan for adults and 5 yuan for students.


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