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Grandeur of Small Courtyard at Beijing DuGe Boutique Hotel


Deep in the Nanluoguxiang, there is a bright blue door which hides a wonderland in the courtyard. The impressive Tibetan Thangka, ornate Arabic fabrics, deluxe French Baccarat chandeliers and the richly embroidered beddings in wings, the revolutionary combination present the distinctive DuGe designer courtyard boutique hotel.

The Hotel is sited on the courtyard of one of the four houses in 18th century, Suojia (the house of an official in Qing Dynasty). The black doors and red walls, the carved wooden windows, and the dense bamboo groves exemplify the influence and fame of the house. 90% of the original architectural pattern is kept to maintain the oriental charm. The calligraphy and paintings of the hostess, photography collections, Miao headwear, porcelain paintings, Beijing Opera facial masks, and old Shanghai posters adorn the details of the Hotel, adding more oriental vitality.

Such a singular Hotel is not a characteristic inn discovered by lost foreign backpackers but a subtle courtyard hotel with 5-star service.

For every customer, the Hotel provide butler pickup service to erase the fatigue with flowers and towels. The butler service and free fruits and snacks are offered around the clock. Foreign customers can learn Tai chi, making dumplings and Chinese cuisines here. For company guests, the butler also invites important guests on behalf of the host to tastings and conferences. Company activities and parties compose 40% of reception of DuGe. The Hotel will have a special wine room for the storage of wines and cigars of VIP guests in the near future.

Living in DuGe is a journey through times. After a stroll around Houhai in the morning and a visit to Simatai Great Wall or 798 in the day, DeGe Hotel is the warm home waiting for you with the dim lights in the Hutong. Such a day in Beijing cannot be more attractive.

Address: No. 26, QianYuanensi Hutong, Nanluoguxiang, Dongcheng District

Tel: 010-64060686


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