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Beijing Lu Xun High School


On the Xinwenhua Street in the busiest Xidan business area in central Beijing, there is a cultural landscape which is not easy to notice. It is Beijing Lu Xun High School. Beijing Lu Xun High School is on the site of Peking Women’s College of Education. The campus built in the early republic of China is of western style and one of the important historical and representative sites in modern times.

The whole complex is of western classical eclecticism, applying Chinese traditional brick carving and ornamentation to the western pillars and archers. The Chinese buildings and ambulatories are combined with Baroque style for exquisite decoration. The complicated and delicate patterns on the gray-green bricks, the red pillars standing along the ambulatories, and the elegant arches on the graceful doors and windows add beauty to the buildings. Inside the offices, the fireplaces with ceramic tiles and the bolts of windows controlled by flexible screws are imported stuffs from foreign countries.

You will enjoy the beauty of gray-green bricks with delicate ornamentations, zigzag ambulatories, well-organized buildings and the plain and elegant environment in the campus.

Address: No. 45, Xinwenhua Street, Xicheng District, Beijing  北京市西城区新文化街45号


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