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Special Gift of Beijing - Kite


The kite is claimed as the invention of the 5th-century BC Chinese philosopher Mozi, who made the wood into a bird on which he spent three years. This was the earliest origin of kite. Later in the Spring and Autumn period, Lu Ban, an inventor of the Zhou Dynasty, creatively used the bamboo to make kite. Up to the Eastern Han Dynasty when Cai Lun improved the papermaking process, paper kite, called as “Zhiyuan” (paper eagle), was certainly being flown. Beijingers have deep love for kite that enjoys a long history in this city. Every spring, Beijing’s streets are scattered with stalls selling colorful kites in shapes of eagle, goldfish, swallow, butterfly, bat and even dragon, adding infinite vitality and vigor to this listless city just awaking from cold winter.


Available at: Beijing Sanshizhai Kite Store

The Three Stones Kites is an old kite store selling all kinds of Beijing-style kites. The host, Liu's Family, combined the skills of imperial kites and Cao's Kites (classic Peking style kites). The handmade kites range from 100 yuan to 1000 yuan.  In addition to delicate handmade kites, the store also provides customized service so that visitors can get an exclusive one. Visitors can also make a kite by themselves.

Address: A No. 25 (on the northwestern corner of crossroad at Di’anmen), Di’anmen Xidajie, Beijing北京地安门西大街甲25号(地安门十字路口西北角)



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