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The Pearl Shirt


Venue: Theatre

Dates: February 17-20, 2018


The Pearl Shirt (February 17th)

The emperor of the Song Dynasty ZHAO Guangyi hunts with princess CHAI Meichun in the borderland, where they are captured by a military officer of the Liao Dynasty. YANG Yanzhao passes by Tongtai and saves the emperor and princess. Minister FU Long’s son FU Dingkui comes as well, and the emperor of the Song Dynasty thinks it is FU that saves them, so he betroths the princess to him. Nevertheless, the princess admires YANG for his handsome looks and presents a pearl shirt to him. After many setbacks, the misunderstanding is explained with the aid of the emperor’s brother and the newly-elected number one scholar LÜ Jia, who helps to distinguish between what is true and false. YANG Yanzhao and the princess finally get married to live happily ever after.


WANG Rongrong, DU Peng, LIU Mingzhe, ZHANG Peng, DU Zhe, HUANG Juming, JI Liexiang

Guangtai Village (February 18th)

Starting an uprising in Haozhou, ZHU Yuanzhang wants to appoint a commander-in-chief. LIU Ji recommends him - XU Da, who lives in Guangtai Village outside the city of Haozhou. ZHU goes to hire XU with GUO Ying. XU refuses to accept the appointment on a pretext that he is taking care of his elderly mother. LIU commands GUO and his cohorts. to dress up as bandits to deceive XU into leaving the village, then hijack his mother, wife and children, and seize the opportunity to set fire on the village. XU’s mother is taken to the gate tower in a cangue, and advises XUto surrender. Hence, XU cannot help but surrender to ZHU.


ZHU Qiang, HUANG Yanzhong, KANG Jing, ZHOU Enxu, NI Shengchun, ZHANG Jin

The Unicorn Purse (February 19th)

In Dengzhou, the matriarch of a family surnamed XUE marries her daughter Xiangling to ZHOU Tingxun. As a rule, she gives the girl a unicorn purse. Soon later the maiden is carried away. The girl encounters a bout of rain halfway and takes shelter at a pavilion, where she meets a poor bride named ZHAO Shouzhen. When ZHAO sees Xiangling in flamboyant dress, she weeps for herself and Xiangling gives her that valuable purse. Later the rain stops, and they get separated. Six years later, a deluge erupts and all locals flee for their lives. Unfortunately, Xiangling loses her way and wanders to Laizhou, where she meets Granny HU, a matron of the Family Zhou. The granny takes her to a relief shed erected by LU Shengchou who is finding a matron for his son Tianlin. Xiangling then accepts the job readily. One day, when she accompanies that boy playing in his garden, the little rogue throws his ball onto a pavilion and urges her to take it back. As soon as she arrives, Xiangling sees the enshrined purse and knows Madame LU is that girl she met years ago. For this reason, the lady treats her very well and makes her reunited with her family.


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