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Charm of Cloisonne


Cloisonné, short for fetal copper filigree enamel, is a representative of Beijing handicrafts. The major manufacturing flow of cloisonné includes body making, wire inlay, applying the enamel, firing, polishing, and gold plating, together some one hundred small processes. First, craftsmen make the body of utensils with copper; then they shape fine brass wires into patterns and weld them into the body, the so-called wire inlay; then they apply enamel glaze of different colors into the patterns, called applying the enamel; then they put the work into furnace, called firing. Applying the enamel and firing have to be repeated three times. At last, utensils have to be polished, and brass wires that shape the patterns have to be gilded so as to make them shinier. Cloisonné won the favor of imperial family for its magnificence and gorgeousness. Actually, cloisonné can be found in many palaces of the Forbidden City.

Where to buy?

Beijing Enamel Factory

Built in 1680, Beijing Enamel Factory is the only time-honored brand specialized in cloisonné, in which "JINGFA" cloisonné ware made. The technology level is high and takes the leads in this industry. The professionals are of experience. There is a great variety of products with high quality. The products of "JINGFA" cloisonné ware are welcomed by the people all the world and highly phrased by the customers.

Address: No. 10, Anlelin Road, Yongdingmen Outer Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing

Open Hour: Free during 8:00-17:00 every day

Reservation: Accept both group or individual reservations.

Capacity: 50-100 people.

Tel.: 0086-10-67211677

Service: Free on-site commentary in Chinese and in English.

Notice: Please call for reservation in advance.


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