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Ancient thoroughfare of Beijing - Andingmen Inner Street


A major thoroughfare of Beijing for hundreds of years, Andingmen Inner Street features the unique style of Beijing's traditional architecture.

The walls and roofs of the buildings are covered with gray tiles. Red doors, green wooden lintels and beams painted with colorful pictures, the typical elements of Beijing's ancient architecture, highlight the houses on the street.

Looking closely, you will find a gray metal box decorated with seal characters on the wall of each house. The boxes, with a distinctly antique flavor, are used as flagholders, and even the air conditioners on the exterior walls of the houses are housed in gray metal boxes.

Andingmen Inner Street is an ancient thoroughfare, and it's said that in days of yore, troops paraded along the street to celebrate victories in battle. The street is also famous for its many tourist attractions, such as the Yonghegong Lama Temple, the Imperial College, and the Temple of Confucius.

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