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Fairyland in Outskirts of Beijing


Head for outskirts Beijing to enjoy wonderful winter and the Second Ice and Snow Cultural Tourism Festival.

Shenquan Gorge Ice Lantern Festival

Though it's not as well-known as many of Beijing's other national tourist attractions, a quiet gorge in Beijing's southwestern suburbs is drawing visitors with its unique crystal cascades.

Shenquan Gorge is located in Miaofeng Mountain, Mentougou District, about 45 km from downtown Beijing. Featuring unique geologic structure, the gorge was the masterpiece of nature in Jurassic Period. The resort is a national AAA scenic area covering an area of 5 sq kilometers. and with average elevation standing  at 1200 meters. It boasts quantities streams which forms picturesque scenery of waters.

As the temperatures plunge in Beijing, thousands of cascade congealed looks like the wonderland in fairy. The frozen ice formations of Shenquan Gorge create beautiful landscape. Natural ice cascades form in the mountains, with visitors treated to an otherworldly view of water floating under the ice as they approach. At night, the dazzling lights and vivid cascades immerse visitors into another fantasy world. All this beautiful landscapes are part of the Shenquan Gorge Ice Lantern Festival in celebration of the coming Chinese Lunar New Year and 2022 Winter Olympics. The festival, kicked off in mid December, 2017, will run through March 2018.

Price: CNY 27/person

Business Hours: 07:00-17:00

Duration: Mid December, 2017 - Late March, 2018.

Location: Tancheng Village, Miaofengshan Town, Mentougou District, Beijing.

Self-drive Route: Fushi Road - Shuangyu Road-Binghe Road-109 National Highway-Shangweidian Road

Bus Route: Take Bus No. 892 or 929 and get off at Xiaweidian Station, then take taxi to Tanchang Village

Longqing Gorge Ice Lantern Festival

Located in Yanqing County, the Longqing Gorge is located 85km from urban Beijing and its scenery resembles the Li River in Guilin.

The gorge, integrating tender water and cliffy rocks is popular in all seasons. In spring, visitors go picnicking all while avoiding the heat of summer. The gorge boasts graceful scenery in autumn and unique ice lantern festival in winter.

A 230-foot-high (70-meter-high) dam is inset between the hills. Looking to the north side from the dam, the picturesque scenery of hills and white clouds reflected in deep green makes its rare sight. Water falling downing from the70-meter height do form a breath-taking landscape for tourists.

The annual Ice Lantern Festival came as appointment. The 32nd Longqing Gorge Ice Lantern Festival will curtain up on mid-January and conclude on late February. The lanterns exhibited on the festival this year is themed on Beijing Expo and Winter Olympics. The exhibition area covers 200,000 sq meters with over 300 groups festive lanterns, 1000 trees decorated with lights, 350 ice lanterns, 200 ice carving works and 100 snow carving works. It will bring you a visual fest.

Due to cold weather, water keeps frozen for a long time in winter providing wonderful condition to ice engraving. Hence, a special ice lantern festival held at the venue from January to February every year has become a tradition in winter. Ice in all shapes serves as a distinctive highlight.

Besides amusement facilities, home-stay services with a wide range of delicacies are accessible in the scenic spot as well.

Admission Fee:

Through Ticket CNY 150

Ice Lantern Festival CNY 100

How to get there:


Take No.919 Bus at Deshengmen (德胜门) and transfer to No.875 Bus bound for Longqing Gorge at Yanqing.


Take Train S2 at Beijing North Railways Station (北京北站) and get off at Yanqing South Station (延庆南站), and then transfer No.875 Bus bound for Longqing Gorge.

Play in Snow and Ice with Lake View

The 3rd Snow and Ice Festival at Yanqi Lake is ready for visitors! Opened on December 23, the festival has combined various forms of snow activities with Winter Olympics.

A temporary amusement park themed snow and ice will open and last for 60 days at Yanqi Lake in celebration of the third Yanqi Lake Snow and Ice Festival 2017. The park covers an area of 50,000 sq meters consisted of multiple parts like Snow Activities Area, Manchu Cultural Street and Winter Olympic Square. It opens from 9 am to 5 pm daily during the festival.

A special offer is available for visitors! Take part in online activities via Wechat or Sina Weibo that lucky dogs could play in the park free in charge on Valentine’s Day with one paid.

Duration: December 23, 2017 - February 21, 2018

Admission Fee: CNY 38


Self-guided Route: Drive along Beijing-Chengde Expressway, drive down at Yangsong Exit, drive along Yangyan Road, turn left at the T-junction of Yongle Avenue, turn right at the first traffic light, drive 4km and arrive at the destination (follow road signs).

Bus Route: Take Express Bus 916 at Dongzhimen Public Transport Hub , get off at Yangjiayuan Station, cross the road, transfer to Bus 864 and get off at Yanqi Lake Station (Note: the departure interval of Bus 864 is 20-40 minutes).

Fourth Ice and Snow Festival at Beijing’s Jinshuihu

As a part of Beijing Ice and Snow Cultural Tourism Festival, the Fourth Jinshuihu Ice and Snow Festival kicked off at Jinshuihu Scenic Spot in Beijing’s Fangshan District on Dec. 28, 2017.

Visitors will have a chance to try different ice entertainment activities such as ice car, ice bike, drift ice car and ice bumper car, enjoy the splendid light show at night, eat delicious buffet priced 45 yuan/person or various snacks, and sleep in featured log cabin or thatched cottage in the spot.

During the festival, the 2018 National Ice-climbing Championships on January 13 and 14 will welcome 80 competitors from all over China, offering a great ice ballet for audience.

The festival is estimated to run until February 15 based on the local weather.

Address: Xiayunling Village, Fangshan District

Tel: 010-60367128

Ticket price: 45 yuan


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