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Places for Winter Outing


Yunfeng Mountain

Yunfeng Mountain Scenic Area is located three kilometers north of Yanluo Village at Bulaotun Town, north of Miyun Reservoir. Having lived through the wear and tear of life and many a vicissitude over past thousands of years, this famous mountain towering over Beijing has become a scenic area that integrates natural scenery and cultural relics. This scenic area features elegant mountains and agreeable climate with its temple and forest basking in each other’s radiance. Taking a stroll around the one-thousand-old Chaosheng Temple, you would immerse yourself in morning bell and evening drum there and experience European romance.

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Wuling Valleys

Start from Beijing-Chengde Expressway at Miyun District, take the No. 24 exit, namely Simatai exit, drive along Songcao Road heading for Xinchengzi Town, pass by scenic areas like Wuling West Peak, idyllic Wuling Lake, Yunyou Valley with red stones and verdant lake and Easternmost Immortal Valley who sees the first morning twilight in Beijing, and arrive at the Waterfall at the Dragon’s Pool at Wuling Mountain. Surrounded by Wuling Mountain which enjoys a long-standing reputation as “Species Gene Pool of North China”, Wuling Valleys feature exuberant ecological trees, serene valleys and verdant greenery dotted with golden leaves. It stretches away into distance just like a painting of a wonderland.


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