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Beijing achievements exhibition shows advanced transportation system


Beijing is holding an exhibition that sought to document China's numerous achievements over the past five years in the Beijing Exhibition Center. The display highlighted aspects of China's extensive military capacity, space exploration, infrastructure, agricultural, medical and other facets of its overall development while also alluding to the country's auspicious future.

While many of us may never traverse further than this planet and are fortunate enough not to be exposed to the Ebola virus, China's transport system affects the lives of billions of people and remains an area the Government stands committed to improving.

The exhibition had several segments where replicas of China's world-renowned Fuxing bullet trains, Jiaolong underwater submarines, and a beautifully designed rendition of Beijing’s new airport were all on display.

The starfish shaped design is reported to be the largest airport in the world measuring 1,144 meters in length from east to west and 996 meters from north to south. It will replace the current record holder, the King Fahd International Airport in Saudi Arabia, which was formerly the world’s largest airport.

With its upper floor devoted to international flights and its lower floors for domestic, the airport boasts 78 gates across the two floors. The new airport is built to accommodate 72 million travelers a year; combined with the capital’s current airport, both Beijing based facilities are expected to witness over 150 million passengers a year.

While this is just a small fraction of the exhibition's extensive coverage of the country's milestones, the achievements allude to the fact that China is not slowing down anytime soon and we can expect greater and grander highlights in the future.


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