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The 23rd Christmas Tree Lighting & Train Launching Ceremony start the Christmas Season


02nd December, 2017 Beijing-The Hilton Beijing Annual Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony charity event took place this year on Saturday, December 2nd and the hotel's renowned "Christmas Train & Village" has also made its way to Beijing to help bring the warmest Christmas greetings and blessings along the way. With the sponsors and guests' efforts, the project raised over 150,000RMB for the Migrant Children’s Foundation charity (MCF).

Over a thousand guests attended the “Giant Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony", with a grand celestial children chorus and a creative Santa Claus entrance. The "Christmas Train & Village" will stay in hotel's lobby area for over a month, from Saturday, 2nd December 2017 to January, 2018.

Since its debut in 2010, the mission of the Hilton Beijing's Christmas Train & Village has been one of social-responsibility, a way for people and companies to give back. For the past seven years, the project and its affiliated Christmas Charity Bazaar have fundraised almost 1 million RMB towards different charities, focusing on various causes for children.

This year we have chosen the Migrant Children's Foundation charity as our primary recipient of our donations. One main project of MCF is Health Check Ups currently. This is to ensure the migrant children they support enjoy a basic healthy existence and have the fundamental knowledge with regards to their health and physical wellbeing.The Check Ups takes place at the Global Care Hospital in Shuangjing. Upon receiving the medical reports for each child, the parents and the hospital medical staff meet at the school for a formal discussion of the children's state of health. Any issues arising are addressed on a case by case basis. So far over 2500 children have received free health checks.


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