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Eight Views of Yanjing: Autumn Winds on Taiye


Taiye Lake was an artificial lake at Zhongnanhai (central and southern lakes) in imperial City in Beijing during the Jin, Yuan, Ming, and Qing dynasties of China. A stone tablet in the Pavilion of Clouds on the Water (Shuiyunxie) on the eastern bank of the Central Lake (Zhonghai) bears an inscription in the handwriting of Emperor Qianlong, which permanently records the name of the site.

The open-air pavilion stands on an island in the lake amidst the loveliest surroundings: bright white clouds are reflected on the water; the pavilion rests on the lake like a lotus blossoms permeates the air. This scene was also lyrically described in the poem The Pavilion of Clouds on the Water in Early Autumn by the Qing poet Zhu Yizun.


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