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Red Cliff


Venue: Opera House

Date: December 07, 2017

Duration: Approximate 144 mins


Performed by Jingju Theatre Company of Beijing, National Peking Opera Company


Composer: ZHU Shaoyu

Playwright: CAI Fuchao

Director: ZHANG Jigang


ZHUGE Liang: YU Kuizhi

CAO Cao: MENG Guanglu

ZHOU Yu: LI Hongtu

Xiaoqiao: LI Shengsu


In the winter of the thirteenth year during the reign of Emperor Xian of the Han Dynasty (A.D. 208), a navy and army of 830,000 soldiers invades the Kingdom of Wu under the command of CAO Cao (the Kingdom of Wei). Hearing the news, the ministers of the Kingdom of Wu falls into a panic, some are advocating to fight back, some are advising to surrender, which leaves the king, SUN Quan reluctant to make a final decision.

Meanwhile, ZHUGE Liang (chancellor of the Kingdom of Shu) stands out and illustrates the advantages and disadvantages; ZHOU Yu (minister of the Kingdom of Wu), who has devised a stratagem, says the plan would ensure success; ZHOU Yu’s wife Xiaoqiao, is prepared to fight to the death to bless the nation from any calamity…Finally SUN Quan feels determined to form an alliance with the Kingdom of Shu to resist the enemy together.

Men of notable talent and bold vision fight side by side against the enemy at the Red Cliff, and of the heroes, each showcases his unique talent in the upcoming battle. Unity gathers strength, politics evolves to wisdom, and military tactics is sublimated into art.

ZHUGE Liang and ZHOU Yu "borrow" arrows from the enemy with a straw-covered ship and then burn the enemy’s interlinked battleships that reducing them to ashes in an instant.

As the allied troops celebrate victory with great joy, ZHUGE Liang is standing alone in front of the Red Cliff, offering wine as a sacrifice to the river.

So many heroes have gone with the Yangtze River, yet the land of rivers and mountains remains new.


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