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Eight Views of Yanjing: Landscape of Juyong Pass


The Landscape of Juyong Pass refers to the Badaling Scenic Area with Juyong Pass of Guangou as the center. Guangou is a famous spillway, the 8th mountain pass among the eight mountain passes of the Taihang Mountains (namely Zhiguan Mountain Pass, Taihang Mountain Pass, Bai Mountain Pass, Fukou Mountain Pass, Jing Mountain Pass, Feihu Mountain Pass, Puyin Mountain Pass, and Jundu Mountain Pass), namely Jundu Mountain Pass. Juyong Pass  was the 9th pass in ancient times, with others including Dafen, Ming’e, Jingruan, Fangcheng, Yaojingxing, Lingci, Juzhu and Juyong. Juyong Pass can be traced back to the Qin Dynasty, and played an important place in the military field in history.

Guangou is home to a string of attractions, including the Landscape of Juyong Pass, Erlongxizhu (two dragons playing a pearl), Xianrenzhen (the pillow of celestial beings), Shuanmazhu (post for tethering horses), Qinglong (green dragon) Pond, Tanqin (play a stringed instrument) Valley, Liulangxiang, Zhuangyuan (the scholar who achieved the highest score on Chinese imperial examinations) Bridge, Guancheng Pass, Yuntai (cloud platform), Badaling, and other so called 72 sceneries.


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