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Eight Views of Yanjing: Evening Glow on Golden Platform


In 300 BC, King Zhaowang of the Yan State set up a soil platform, where he laid a thousand jin (500kg) of gold to attract talents of all states. Now it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact location of the platform as there are eight golden platforms now.

There is a “Jintai Road” on the north of Chaowai (outside of Chaoyangmen Gate) Xiaozhuang, which locals say is the relic of the ancient “Evening Glow on Golden Platform”. The Emperor Qianlong set up a stone tablet outside Chaowai, and you can find it now in the 3501 Factory south of Guandongdian (on the earth mound half li east of the original Miaojiadi Training Field).

In the book Brief Summary of Antiques of the Ancient Capital  published in 1935, you can see the pictures of fallen tablets. In 2006, at the construction site of Subway Line 10 in Beijing, the stone tablet of “Evening Glow on Golden Platform” was unearthed. Now the tablet stands on a square near to the west side of Exit C of Subway Line 10 Jintaixizhao Station for people to ponder on its past splendor.


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