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Eight Views of Yanjing: Sunny Western Hills after Snow


The Western Hills, as an extension of the Taihang Mountain, refer collectively to the mountain ranges in the western suburb of Beijing. The so-called snow scenery can be found there. Fragrant Hill is a typical mountain peak in this area, that’s why the Qianlong Emperor had erected the tablet “Xi Shan Qing Xue” (the Sunny Western Hills after Snow) on the hillside of the Fragrant Hill.

Boasting picturesque landscape, the Western Hills have been a hot land for temples since the Tang and Song dynasties. The famous Eight Imperial Gardens in the Western Hills  were built during the Jin Dynasty. “Snow of the Western Hills” was a famous scene back then.

Just imagine, in sunny days after a snow, you can stand here and overlook the snow mountains afar that shine under the sky. In the face of such a splendid view, you will find that “Sunny Western Hills after Snow” is more poetic than “Snow of the Western Hills”.


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