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Eight Views of Yanjing: Moon over the Lugou Bridge before Dawn


Lugou means the Yongding River, a key post of transportation since ancient times. Lugou Bridge had its construction in 1189 on the order of the Emperor Shizong of the Jin Dynasty and was completed in 1192 (the 3th year of the Mingchang reign) and named as Guangli Bridge. The rainbow-shaped bridge has 11 arched doors, 4 ornamental columns, and 485 stone lions of all sizes carved on the balusters. The bridge is 266 meters in length and 9 meters in width.

It took about half a day to get here from the capital in ancient times at that time. A traveler left the capital, lodged here, and planned to depart early in the next morning. As he made his way amid cock crow, he would catch sight of the moon in the sky, with the ground shining like silver, which inspired a poet to write such a line: the moon over the Lugou Bridge is as white as frost. That’s how the “Morning Moon” became famous far and near.


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