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Rent a Yard on Thanksgiving Day with Family


On the Thanksgiving Day, staying with families may be the most wonderful thing. Renting a yard in suburb Beijing to spend the holiday is a good option. Hence, we listed some yards for you to choose.

Smoke Tree Homestay – Huang Lu Hua Kai

The Smoke Tree Homestay is located in a village down the Youlan Mountain. There are ten independent cottages in total, adapted from the old houses in the village, either two-bedroom or four-bedroom. You can enjoy the natural sceneries and quietness here.

In autumn, you can stroll to the Pofengling Scenic Area to appreciate the wonderful mountain view if you live in Smoke Tree Homestay. Don’t miss the beauty! For each cottage, there will be a zealous personal butler serving for consumers living in. These butlers will prepare afternoon tea and dinners for you wholeheartedly. If you like, the mint planted in the yard is also available for picking.

Price: Each yard ranges from CNY 1680 – 2680 per night (usually a yard boats two bedrooms, a living room and a kitchen.) The price includes buffet breakfast, afternoon tea, special Yanqing Hotpot. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the property. The homestay also provides the ticket of Pofengling Scenic Area during Red Leaves Festival (October 8 – November 15) for your convenient)

Location: Huangdian Village, Fangshan District, Beijing. (About 2km from Pofengling Scenic Area)北京房山黄山店村黄栌花开(距离坡峰岭景区2公里)

Yin Courtyard

Transformed from a spare farmhouse by its owner passionate for design, the Yin Courtyard is a paradise for having fun with friends. The name Yin means to stay away from the hustle and bustle of cities and live with tranquility.

Here, without secular disturbing, your heart is soaked with natural scenery and everything enjoyable. Arrangement is made with sincerity, and each angle brings you distinctive views. The five rooms with various styles all features simplicity, cleanness, coziness and elegance, where you can relax yourself and sleep with reassurance. Refreshing yourself and welcoming the brand new morning with bright sunshine in this hotel, it is a little but certain happiness.

You can also enjoy yourself in the swing bed in the courtyard, bathing in the sunshine and letting your mind fly under the starry sky in evenings. It is also delightful to enjoy the cool under the umbrella, chatting and having some snacks for tea.

Ming House

Located on the banks of Xiangshui Lake in Huairou, the Ming House is a decent viewing spot to see the Great Wall. The calligraphy work at the entrance is full of the sense of art. The rooms are tidy and elegant. All the details are well-designed by the owner, such as the custom-made beds in Japan, the folding screens by an American designer, and the casements bought in Sichuan.

Here, instead of ordering dishes from the menu, you will be served traditional Sichuan cuisines. The dishes will be prepared to suit your tastes, so don’t worry they are too spicy.

Hawthorn Yard – Shan Zha Xiao Yuan

Shan Zha Xiao Yuan is situated in Xiahujiao village of Yanqing District, Beijing. Bustling around the city built by armored concrete, people could give their mind and soul a respite here.

It was named after a hawthorn tree planted in the yard decades ago. When the late autumn comes, the ground will be carpeted with red squashy haw apples. The yard was adapted from an old house, designed by Jin Lei, a Chinese designer who studied in America.

There are four independent cottages in Hawthorn Yard, one with only one bedroom, one with three bedrooms, and two with two bedrooms. Each one is equipped with a living room and a kitchen. Your whole family can reserve one cottage and play chef in its gourmet kitchen. You will feel comfortable and happy just exactly as you are in your own country cabins.

Outside the Hawthorn Yard, the most beautiful road of Yanqing lies here. It must be a perfect self-driving route. Along the road, you are lucky to see Pearl Spring, Dishui Lake, Wetland Park, Silicified Wood National Geopark, and Yanshan Tianchi. It is definitely an art gallery full of scenic beauties.


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