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Artist paints her dreams, plants in vibrant spring colors


With the passing of the 19th solar term known as the Start of Winter, the coldest season of the year is upon us.

As always, winter means blowing winds, falling leaves and a world dressed in simple black and gray.

On the streets of Beijing, only curled Chinese roses and their withered red petals can remind people of the past colorful seasons.

Yet, the colors of spring can be found once again.

They are in painter Jiang Jing's art, featured at her recent exhibition titled Lyric Suite.

On her canvases, there's a half dream and half real world. A little horse stands on flowers in a bright green world. Red colors infuse pink and rosy ones. A little girl cuddles a horse.

A dream spanning 10 years

"The exhibition includes two series -- one is about a dream, the other plants and flowers," Jiang said. "They are inspired by emotions and feelings."

Jiang just held her solo exhibition, Star and Moon Island, in October.

"The works displayed last month are very different from the ones here," the artist said, "They are more rational, and I used many dark colors, such as blue, black and white."

The paintings being showcased, however, are more soft and feminine, with plenty of red, pink, bright green and yellow.

If you go

Nov 11-30. Shang Ba Art Gallery, 1/F, Shang 8 Culture Group Building. Yard 3, Xiadianjia Chaoyang district, Beijing.

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