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Tianmen Mountain Scenic Area


Tianmen Mountain Scenic Area is situated in the beautiful Liuke Valley, Shicheng Town, Miyun District, Beijing, about 80km far from Dongzhimen of Beijing. It is a geological park featuring magnificent granite landscape and unique metamorphic core complexes. There are creeks, ponds, caves, rocks of various shapes and original secondary forest in the park.

Formed some 120 million years ago, the main feature “Tianmen Cave” (also known as “Biandanyan”) reaches an elevation of more than 800m, with a height of about 60m and a width of around 40m. Tianmen Cave is said to be the shoulder-pole that Erlang God used to shoulder mountains to fill in seas. With the lights of sun and moon passing through Tianmen Cave, two unique celestial landscapes – “Sun Rising from Tianmen” and “Moon Hanging on Tianmen” – have appeared. Boasting the only wild dense maples in Beijing, Tianmen Cave witnesses streams and rivers flowing through four seasons constantly.

Above “Tianmen”, you may embrace an open landscape in “Tiantai”. Looking up from where you stand, your eyes may capture the stretching mountains clustering round Lupiguan Great Wall which is like a giant dragon hidden in clouds and mists. In the distance, the rolling Miyun Reservoir is like a dazzling pearl embedded in Yan Mountains. Baihe Valley is unfolding like a jade belt, embracing boundless clouds and fogs.

Ticket: 32 yuan/person

Opening Hours: 8:00-17:30

Phone: 010-69016228/69016673

Address: Liuke Valley, Shicheng Town, Miyun District, Beijing

Traffic Guide: Turn off Beijing-Chengde Expressway at the intersection with Shunmi Road and go in the direction toward the reservoir scenic spot. Go straight to the archway of the No. 1 Waterfall in Beijing, pass through the archway and walk 500m to the scenic spot.


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