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Beijing Changyucheng Village


Changyucheng Village is the home to many historical sites and natural landscapes. In the west of the village stands a hundreds-year-old ancient temple, surrounding old trees naughtily reared their heads to the sky. This village is endowed with purely ecological tourism resources, like Longtangou, Huanghua Slope and Ancient Great Wall of Yan Ruins, creating a pure natural environment free from any pollution and an ecological oxygen bar. Winding plank footpath in the attraction is built along lofty rocky mountains and water reservoir and embraced by lush vegetation, twittering birds and fragrant flowers, It lives in harmony with mountains and waters and highlights its exceptional feature at the same time.


Length: 20km

Width: 1-2m

Altitude: 1,400m (the highest)

Pavement Material: Wood, gravel and stone

Footpath Type: Circular

Route: Start at Huangtuwa Village - Changyucheng Village - Changyucheng Water Reservoir - Huanghua Slope - Changyucheng Water Reservoir - Changyucheng Village.

Exercise Intensity: High

Target Group: All people

Favorable Season: All seasons

Address: Changyucheng Village, Liucun Town, Changping District


Self-guided Route: North 5th Ring Road - Beiqing Road - Yangfang - Liucun Town - Nanyan Road - Changyucheng Village.

Bus Route: Take Bus 919 to Hongnigou Station, transfer Chang Bus 33 to Changyucheng Village.


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