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Ecotourism and Holiday Resort in Fangshan


Shangfang Mountain

Located in Hancunhe Town, Fangshan District, Shangfang Mountain is about 60km to the urban area of Beijing and dubbed a mountain-type natural scenic spot. Covering an area of 3.53km2, this attraction boasts the only one well-preserved primitive secondary forest in North China. With 90% of its slopes covered by plants and trees, Shangfang Mountain has the largest ancient tree groups, including over ten 1000-year-old trees, 34 first-class ancient trees, over 4,000 second-class ancient trees. Notably, the well-known “Top Four Ancient Trees” comprise cypress, pine, gingko and locust trees. During late autumn, the backdrop of mountains at Shangfang Mountain is quiet and clear, as against the dazzlingly colorful trees in the valleys, including maple trees, oak trees, and smoke trees. A poet once praised Fangshan Mountain by a piece of poetry “the forest is dyed by autumn leaves in red mingled with green and yellow, while pines and cypresses still dress themselves in green to protect from wind and frost.”


Location: The whole park

Length: 3km

Width: 1m

Gradient: 15° (on average); 45° (in maximum)

Altitude: 288-687m

Pavement Material: Cement and slabstone

Footpath Type: Park

Route: Start in the east of Shangfang Mountain - Shanshen Temple - Banxiang Nunnery - The King of Gingko - Lvzu Pavilion - Jili Cliff.

Exercise Intensity: High

Target Group: All people

Favorable Season: All seasons

Address: Hancunhe Town, Fangshan District


Self-guided Route: Drive down Beijing-Shijiazhuang Expressway at Liulihe Exit - drive westward for 20km, or drive down Beijing-Shijiazhuang Expressway at Fangshan Exit -Fangshan - Zhoukoudian - drive westward for 12km from intersection of Hancunhe Town.

Bus Route: Take Bus 917 at Tianqiao to Liangxiang or Fangshan, transfer to Minibus 15 (Changyang-Shangfang Mountain).

Shidu East Lake Port Hiking Footpath

East Lake Port is located in the Shiwudu, Shidu Park, Fangshan World Geopark and adjacent to Yesanpo. About 106km to the urban area of Beijing, this attraction is an ecotourism and holiday resort, dubbed “secluded valleys, superposed waterfalls, sandalwood forests and oxygen bar”. The rope bridge leads to the scenic area, where green sandalwood forests and winding millennial ancient vine cover the whole canyon, creating an ancient and mysterious atmosphere. Fancy three-fold waterfall, featuring three different drop heights, falls into pools to splash numerous water blooms. The plank road, better known as “The First Ladder of North China”, is built along the face of cliff. Climbing up to the peak through plank road, tourists can have a panoramic view of mountain sceneries surrounding them. Among famous landscapes of East Lake Port, Huiyinbi Waterfall boasts strong water flow and long fall like a sliver ribbon flying in the air and falling into the pool in the end.


Location: The whole park

Length: 7.2km

Width: 1-2m

Gradient: 15° (on average); 45° (in maximum)

Altitude: 141-484m

Pavement Material: Cement and lime, stone (steps)

Footpath Type: Park

Route: Start at the Gate of scenic area - Tashi Spring - Nver Spring - Glass Skywalk

Parking Lot: None

Exercise Intensity: High

Target Group: All people

Address: Shiwudu, Shidu Park, Fangshan World Geopark, Fangshan District


Self-guided Route: Jingzhou Road - Fangyi Road - Yunjusi Road - Zhouzhuang Road - Laibao Road - Shida Road (9.7km) - East Lake Port.

Bus Route: Take Bus 917 (East Lake Port line) at Tianqiao Bridge / Liuli Bridge to the destination.

Qinglintai Canyon Hiking Footpath

Qinglintai Canyon is located in Qingdaicheng Village, Shijiaying Township, Fangshan District, lying on the branch along the upstream of Dayantai Gully in the hinterland of this township.


Location: Outskirt

Length: 9km

Width: 3m

Gradient: 5° (on average); 15° (in maximum)

Altitude: 457-808m

Pavement Material: Cement

Footpath Type: Outskirt

Route: Start at Qinglintai Village - Yinmacao - arrive at the destination at the fork of Ecological Restoration Area (go back the same way).

Exercise Intensity: High

Target Group: Groups frequently taking outdoor exercise.

Address: Shijiaying Township, Fangshan District.


Self-guided Route: Drive drown Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expressway at Fangshan Exit - G108 - Jingkun Road - S320 - Jiajin Road - X019 - Qinglintai Village.

Bus Route: Take Bus 901 (express) to Yanhua Yang’eryu Station, transfer to Fang Bus 21 to Tudayan Station.


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