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Michelin chef Vincenzo Guarino to present culinary masterpieces at Barolo


Michelin chef Vincenzo Guarino specializes in blending authentic Italian gastronomy and his global culinary experience into one. Together with Barolo's chef de cuisine Amedeo Ferri, Chef Guarino will take guests on an epicurean journey like no other with a Michelin treat at Barolo from November 24 to 26. Chef Guarino comes from Naples Italy, where he fell in love with the culinary arts at 14. Later, with his diploma in hand, he began to take part in internships held in locations such as Zurich and Naples. To perfect the techniques inherent to particular types of dishes, he took specialized courses in areas such as risotto and finger food preparation. Chef Guarino believes that a passion for cooking and the exploration of new ways of preparing food can help chefs take their dishes to a higher level.

During the early part of his career, he worked in several Michelin-starred restaurants both in Italy and abroad, alongside the likes of Chef Gualtiero Marchesi in Capri. To further hone his culinary skills, he also participated in several national competitions, such as the Chicco d'Oro Award in Verona in 2008, where he won the first prize for the best risotto in the competition. As a result of his wealth of experience, skill and passion, he obtained his first prestigious Michelin star while working as an executive chef in 2009, a recognition he received once again in 2012. In November 2016, he received another Michelin star at Il Pievano Restaurant within just seven months of working as the restaurant's executive chef. Since 2013, Chef Guarino has participated in various events across the globe, including Gastronomy week 2013 in Moscow, the Italian Cuisine World Summit in Dubai, Gastronomy week 2015 in London and the Italian Cuisine World Summit in Beijing in 2016. Starting November 24, Chef Guarino will offer a five-course set lunch menu and an eight-course set dinner menu, showcasing shabu-shabu prawns with eggplant parmigiana, black cod marinated in tomato water, strawberry sorbet, milk cream mousse and so on. Chef Guarino is committed to creating unique Michelin tastes and combines his innate passion and rich experience to present guests with fantastic Italian legends.

"When the food brings glorious sparks to reality, that's the real significance of cooking," said by Patrick Weder, the general manager of The Ritz-Carlton, Beijing. "We are delighted to invite Michelin-starred chef Vincenzo Guarino come to Barolo so that guests can experience the extraordinary cuisine art of our talented chef."

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