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Where to Find Best Soup in Beijing?


In such cold days, it’s amazing to have a bowl of hot soup. The question comes. Where can we find the best soup in Beijing? Here is the list.

Jar soup

It’s a Jiangxi cuisine restaurant run by an owner from Jiangxi Province. The restaurant features a full range of Jiangxi cuisine in reasonable prices. Jar soup is the most sought-after choice for the abundant materials and well-balanced duration and degree of heating.

Average Spend: 78 yuan per person

Name: Xijiangmeishifang Restaurant (Jiandeqiao Branch)

Address: No. 103, Beitucheng West Road (Exit A of Jiandemen Station of Subway Line 10)

Phone Number: 010-62383966

Hong Kong-style Soup

The soup is really tasteful with deep-boiled tibia. The inexpensive soup offers abundant ingredients, together with a little broth, which adds to the flavor of food stuff.

Average Spend: 88 yuan per person

Name: The Soup Kitchen (Xizhimen CapitaLand Mall Branch )

Address: 2nd Floor, CapitaLand Mall, No. 1, Xizhimen Outer Avenue

Phone Number: 010-58341386

Mutton Soup

The mutton soup comes in a big pot. The soup features white color, fine bones and meat, and is seasoned by pepper powder. It’s very popular among customers. It’s nice to share a pot of soup, several dishes, and baked sesame seed cakes with friends.

Average Spend: 61 yuan per person

Name: Gaolaosi Mutton Soup

Address: No. 179, Zhaodengyu Road (south of Pingan Hospital)

South Korea• Ginseng Chicken Soup

The boss is a South Korean, so do many customers here. You can take off your shoes and sit on the tatami to enjoy the soup. The No. 1 specialty dish is Zhi Hu Ginseng Chicken which includes a whole chicken. The chicken is stuffed with glutinous rice and a ginseng. The meat is deep-cooked, which is very refreshing together with pickled radish.

Average Spend: 70 yuan per person

Name: Zhi Hu Ginseng Chicken

Address: Commercial real estate at the bottom of No. 416, Area 4, Wangjingxiyuan (within the neighborhood, and near Bank of Communications)

Spicy Soup

The restaurant is very popular among Henan people, and customers may even queue for a bowl of spicy soup at weekends. As the featured offering here, spicy soup tastes best when it’s hot, since the flavor will decline when it gets colder. You can find much beef in it. Beside spicy soup, Henan braised noodles, cold noodles, pan-fried buns, and baked buns are also favorite among patrons.

Average Spend: 37 yuan per person

Name: Feicui Jintang (Wukesong Main Store)

Address: Meishixintiandi, Ruifengyuan, 1st Floor, Building C, Zhongtie Mansion, No. 69, Fuxing Road

Phone Number: 010-68218521

Xiaodiao Pear Soup

The famous Xiaodiao Pear Soup enjoys high popularity! The pear soup comes in a pot, not very sweat but very thick. A new offering of the restaurant is loquat pear and soup.

Average Spend: 85 yuan per person

Name: Xiaodiao Pear Soup (Xinao Branch)

Address: B1, Xinao Shopping Center, No. 9, Hujing East Road (opposite to Watsons)

Phone Number: 010-84437260

Potato Soup

The restaurant features nice ambience, wooden chairs and tables, and South Korea-style murals. The soup tastes very good, and potatoes taste amazingly when they are over-cooked. The soup is thick with intense scent, which is really great.

Average Spend: 74 yuan per person

Name: Backbone and Potato Soup

Address: South of 2nd Floor, Building 5, Compound 2, Huguang Middle Street (100 meters west of Wangjing Subway Station)

Phone Number: 010-64750950


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