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Beijingers’ Favorite 10 Dumpling Restaurants


Dumpling (Jiao Zi) is also called zhu bo bo by the Manchu and Mongolian people in Beijing. The fillings of it are various, such as minced pork, minced beef and other minced meat and chopped vegetables. It is essential in winter, especially in the Chinese Lunar New Year Eve. People usually eat dumplings together, because it is the symbol of family reunion. Sometimes, coins are put in it, which means good fortune.

1. Mei Hua Jia Ren Dumpling

Located at the close vicinity of Ping’anli Station of Subway Line 4, its owner is Han Geng’s mother. Han Geng, a famous Chinese star, makes this small dumpling restaurant pretty popular. An Olympic torch takes pride of place at the very center of this restaurant. And the pillar in the middle of its lobby is pasted with hundreds of notes from Han's fans.

Address: 1F of Boxin Hotel, No. 137 Huguosi Street, nearby North Ping’anli South Street, Ping’anli Crossroad, Xicheng District, Beijing (next to Huguosi Hotel)

2. Baoyuan Dumpling Restaurant (Rainbow Dumplings)

Are you seized by an itch for a beautiful rainbow of dumplings? This is the spot. This dumpling restaurant distinguishes itself from its kind by diverse flavors of fillings and a dazzling variety of exterior colors. Except for common white ones, there is also a rainbow of wrappers like green, purple and black ones. Located at embassy district, it has also attracted swarms of foreigners.

Address: North of Building 6, Maizidian Street, Liangmaqiao, Chaoyang District

3. Tianjin Baijiao Yuan (200 Flavors)

True to its name, Tianjin Baijiao Yuan is indeed a smorgasbord of dumplings with over 200 flavors and ten series like vegetable, meat and seafood. All its dumplings are freshly-made and freshly-boiled. With ample fillings and thin wrappers, its dumplings are very delicious, especially sanxian (three fresh ingredients) ones with shrimps. And its pork, crab roe and mackerel dumplings are also highly recommended. Furthermore, vegetarian, vegetarian sanxian (three vegetables) and Tianjin-style vegetarian ones are also in demand for their unique flavors. And crab roe dumplings are a must-have for diners.

Address: No. A12 Xinwenhua Street, Xicheng District (Xuanwumen Inner Street)

4. Lao Bian Dumpling (Bianxian Dumplings)

“Mr. Bian’s Dumplings, Crown of Dumplings”. Speaking of Lao Bian Dumpling, dinners would praise it for its delicious taste and friendly price. Lao Bian Dumpling restaurant is renowned at home and abroad for its Shenyang-authentic flavors. Dubbed as a time-honored restaurant, it boasts a history as long as over 160 years since its original location. Its signatures lie in fillings recipe and wrapper making way. And its most famous is bianxian dumpling (fillings are stir fried before wrapping). Among them, dumplings with pork and Chinese chives are surly in its must-eat menu.

Address: No. 3 Dongdan North Avenue, Dongcheng District

5. Shun Yi Fu Dumpling

When you step further into Beijing’s hutongs, you would find that there hides no shortage of restaurants. Although they are ordinary-looking, you would certainly feel pleasantly surprised when stepping into. Shun Yi Fu Dumpling, hides in Ganyu hutong, is just a prime example. From its opening day on, it never fails to honor its commitment to making authentic dumplings for diners. As it has always been in the past ten odd years, it stays to its aim of making fine dumplings for diners. Except for authentic fillings, its elaborately-made soup stock to boil dumplings which tastes not only fresh, but also savory.

Address: No. 513-515, Building 5, Beijing APM, No. 138 Wangfujing Street, Dongcheng District (Beijing apm Branch)

6. Xianlaoman Dumpling (Peking Flavor)

Although Xianlaoman Dumpling in Beijing is no match for those time-honored brands like Quanjude in reputation, it does gain a reputation among dumpling lovers in Beijing. Its many subbranches in Beijing are quite a great convenience for dinners dwelling in different districts. Apart from an extensive selection of dumpling flavors, it, indeed living up to its name, “Xianlaoman”, features thin wrappers, ample fillings and rich soup. Its many kinds of dumplings with unique flavors like standout dumplings and Laoman dumplings are sought-after among diners. In addition to delicious dumplings, it is a paradise of Beijing’s authentic delicacies.

Address: No. 316 Dongsi Avenue North, Dongcheng District (West Liutiao entrance at Dongsi Subdistrict)

7. Hongmao Dumpling House

Hongmao Dumpling House distinguishes itself from a crowd of dumpling restaurants by all sorts of delicious offerings like tomato ones, susanxian ones, pork ones with Chinese chives, and such. It prides itself on up to 56 flavors, a symbol of 56 Chinese ethnic nationalities. With fresh fillings and wrappers, its freshly-made and boiled dumplings gain great popularity for ample fillings, thin wrappers and a delicious taste.

Address: 1F, Building A7, Xinkexiang Garden, Zhongguancun, Haidian District

8. Da Qing Hua Dumpling (Fried Dumplings)

Fitting its reputation as an authentic restaurant of northeast China, its decor is brimming with Qing’s characteristics. Its blue and white porcelains, Eight Banners flags and waiters in Qing’s clothes would impress you. And its menu is also full with distinctive dishes of northeast China.

Although it hasn’t exactly had a reputation as a dumpling restaurant, its fried dumpling are popular. This dumpling features golden crispy wrapper and ample meat fillings with mouth-watering Chinese chives.

Address: Building 1-2, No. 8 Baizhifang West Street, Xicheng District

9. Bazhen Dumpling Restaurant

Its shepherd's purse and pork dumplings and featured bazhen (eight ingredients) dumplings are highly recommended. Its dumplings with just-right lean meat taste juicy and savory. Bazhen Dumpling Restaurant is in demand for its freshly-made and boiled dumplings with ample fillings as well as all sorts of exquisite dishes. And, its price is also friendly.

Address: No. 42 Old Gulou Outer Street, Xicheng District (nearby Liupukang)

10. Jinguyuan Dumplings (Dumplings with Long Bean Fillings)

Hiding in a small hutong, this dumpling restaurant would certainly make you obsessed with its dumplings. Its guotie (pan-fried dumpling) fully stuffed with spicy beef is indeed a delicacy. The standout one, dumplings with long bean fillings, bathed in personally-made sauce, would definitely stun you. And its hawthorn porridge is also highly recommended by diners.

Address: Opposite to Building 12, No. 32 Yard, Xueyuan South Road, Haidian District (next to Hailong Hostel)


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