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Sightseeing and Leisure Footpaths in Yanqing


Wulong Gorge Sightseeing and Leisure Footpath

Beijing Wulong Gorge Scenic Area is formerly named Heilongtan (Black Dragon Lake). Flanked by steep cliffs and grotesque rocks, the gorge features resounding torrents and blowing spindrifts. It’s also famous for green mountains, deep valleys, clean water and pools. The valley here is not very long, and yet equipped with a winding trail, by which hikers can overlook the springs and brooks below as they ascend.


Location: Footpath is accessible across the area

Length: 1.2km

Width: 1.5-m

Gradient: 15°(on average); 20° (in maximum)

Altitude: 377-412m

Pavement Material: Cement

Footpath Type: Twisting mountain trail

Route: Start from Wulong Gorge, pass by waterfall, Sky through the Crack, resting platform, dam, and arrive at the destination

Exercise Intensity: Low

Target Group: All people

Address: Qianjiadian Town, Yanqing District


Self-guided Route: Pass by Badaling Expressway and arrive at Yangqing town, drive in the direction of Longqing Gorge Scenic Area, drive onto Xianglong Road tourist special line(or drive in the direction of Shenjiaying Town and Yongning Town), drive along the signs “GuiHua Mu Guo Jia Di Zhi Gong Yuan(Silicified Wood National Geological Park)” and “Bai Li Shan ShuiHua Lang (hundred-li corridor of mountains and rivers)”, drive onto Liugan Road and Luanchi Road, and arrive at Wulong Gorge Scenic Area.

Bus Route: Take Bus 919 at Deshengmen to Yanqing Nancaiyuan Station, transfer to Bus 925 Branch Line 2 (to Dishuihu), and arrive at Wulong Gorge Scenic Area.

Zhenzhuquan National Mountaineering Footpath

The place sits on the south of Zhenzhuquan Village with an elevation of 900 meters. It features lush vegetation, winding trail, and jogging brooks. Visitors can also view the whole scene of Zhenzhuquan Village and the flower sea. Zhenzhu (pearl) Spring here is one of the eight sceneries of Yanqing District.


Location: Trail

Length: 6km

Width: 1m

Gradient: 20°(on average); 45° (in maximum)

Altitude: 564-720m

Pavement Material: Cement and gravel

Footpath Type: Park

Route: Start from the wooden bridge around Zhenzhu Spring, pass by the national trail sign, benches, pavilion, and arrive at the destination

Exercise Intensity: High

Target Group: All people

Address: Zhenzhuquan Village, Zhenzhuquan Township, Yanqing District


Self-guided Route: Drive onto Beijing-Lhasa Expressway and drive down at Exit 62 in Yanqing town, drive at Yingbin Roundabout (in the direction of No. 110 National Highway), turn right at Jingzhang Intersection, drive onto Yanliu Road and arrive at Zhenzhuquan Village, Zhenzhuquan Township.

Bus Route: Take Express Bus 919 at Madianqiao South Station and get off at Nancaiyuan Station, transfer to Y29, and arrive at the destination after 37 stops.


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