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Hiking Trails in Yanqing District, Beijing


Cimuchuan National Hiking Trail

As part of Dazhuangke Township of Yanqing District, Cimuchuan Village sits some 40km southeast of Yanqing District. Here in Cimuchuan Village, residents enjoy cool climate, four distinctive seasons, clean, oxygen-rich air, and annual average temperature 8 degree centigrade.


Location: Outdoor trails accessible

Length: 2km

Width: 1m

Gradient: 15° (on average); 25° (in maximum)

Altitude: 580-756m

Pavement Material: Gravels

Footpath Type: Outdoor

Route: Start from the wooden bridge, pass the national trail sign, pavilion, benches, and arrive at the destination

Exercise Intensity: Medium

Target Group: All people

Address: Dazhuangke Township, Yanqing District


Self-guided Route: Drive onto Changchi Road at ChangpingXiguan Roundabout, pass by Dazhuangke Village, drive westward for 5 km and arrive at the destination.

Bus Route: Take Bus 925 (Nancaiyuan-Tielu) at Nancaiyuan Station of Yanqing District, get off at Cimuchuan Station.

Jinjiabao Village Yudu Mountain Sightseeing and Leisure Footpath

Yudu Mountain Scenic Area is a wonderful complexof mountains, stones, forests, springs, waterfalls, flowers, and grasses. The area features sceneries that are natural, quiet, beautiful, and wild. Yudu Mountain is an ideal place for Beijing residents to make recreational travel and scientific exploration. Located deep in the northwest mountains of Yanqing County town, Beijing, Yudu Mountain Scenic Area is a secluded, picturesque, and quiet place to go.


Location: Footpaths accessible

Length: 11.1km

Width: 5m

Gradient: 10°(on average); 20° (in maximum)

Altitude: 520-984m

Pavement Material: Cement

Footpath Type: Outdoor, winding trail

Route: Start from ticket office in Zhangshanying Town, pass by observation deck, Wangyou Lake, and arrive at cold bath base, the destination.

Exercise Intensity: High

Target Group: All people

Opening Hours: 09:00-16:00

Ticket: 60 yuan per person

Address: Zhangshanying Town, Yanqing District


Self-guided Route: Depart from Madian, drive 60 meters and turn right, drive onto side road of North 3rd Ring Middle Road, drive 410 meters and turn right, drive onto Deshengmenwai Avenue, drive 260 meters and keep left, drive onto Beijing-Lhasa Expressway, drive 65.6km, keep right and drive onto Kangzhang Road, drive 12.9 km and turn right, drive onto Kanghe Road, drive 940km and turn left, drive onto G110 (old), drive 1.2 km and turn right, drive onto G110 (old), drive 5.0 km and turn left, drive onto X019, drive 1.1 km and arrive at Yudu Mountain Scenic Area.

Bus Route: Take Express Bus 919 at Madianqiao South Station and get off at Shiheying Station, transfer to Bus 874 (or y24), get off at Aiguanying Station after 11 stops, walk to the destination.


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