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Enjoy Beautiful Landscape in Running


Summer is too hot while winter too cold for jogging? Runners might as well start jogging in autumn, the most comfortable season in a year. Beijing is covered by golden leaves in autumn, making jogging a happy thing to do.

Banks of Wenyu River

Wenyu River runs through northeast Beijing, with banks being carpeted with lush grasses, gorgeous flowers and towering trees. Few people come here, which means that it is an ideal place for jogging in the morning and evening. Imagine how amazing it will be to have a run in the clean air and beautiful landscape, with the sound of jogging river in your ears.

Reason for recommendation: Less-crowded footpaths, beautiful scenery, clean air

Best time for jogging: Morning, evening

Chaoyang Park

At the East 4th Ring of Beijing, Chaoyang Park is blessed with a greening rate of 87%. Chaoyang Park has contributed greatly to the ecological environment of eastern Beijing and a colorful culture life of residents there. Runners can come to Chaoyang Park any time in a day and feel the cultural and entertainment life there.

Reason for recommendation: Nice environment, civil culture

Best time for jogging: All day

Beihai Park

In the center area of Beijing, Beihai Park represents the most well-preserved imperial park with the longest history in China. The park features expansive lake, White Pagoda in the lake, lush pine trees and cypresses, flowers and trees, pavilions, terraces and towers, rockeries and grottos. All these make the park an amazing and wonderful place to view and feel. Jogging enthusiasts can come here in the morning, where you can enjoy the weeping willows along the waterfront, clean air, and the lake reflecting the pagoda.

Reason for recommendation: Nice lake view, clean air

Best time for jogging: Morning, evening


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