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Jogging Paradises in Beijing


Summer Palace

Sitting in the western suburb of Beijing, Summer Palace is an ancient imperial garden. Advanced runners are suggested to have a run along Kunming Lake, where you can enjoy the renowned 17-arch Bridge during the some 10km jogging. Crossing the east bank of Kunming Lake and South Lake Island, the 17-arch Bridge looks like a rainbow over water. The bridge is bedecked with delicate stone carving, with each railing baluster featuring 544 stone lion sculptures of different manners and in all sizes. You can also find vividly-carved stone beasts at the ends of the bridge.

Reason for recommendation: Garden art, clean air

Best time for jogging: Morning, evening

Yuyuantan Park

With a total planned area of 132.07 hectares and water area of 57.93 hectares, Yuyuantan Park is a comprehensive park in Beijing, and a national 4A scenic area. The park boasts a long history, vast landmass, abundant water, and picturesque sceneries. You can find a track here, which starts from the west of Huaxiamingting Park, passes along Huaxiamingting Park, and ends at Yuhong Bridge.

Reason for recommendation: Clean air, beautiful landscape

Best time for jogging: All day

Ritan Park

Located in the southeast of Chaoyangmenwai Avenue, Ritan Park is the altar of the Sun, a venue where the emperors offered sacrifice to the Sun during the Ming and Qing dynasties. The plain, elegant Ritan Park features exuberant trees, orderly pavements, graceful sceneries, including pavilions and spray fountains. Trees here are mainly pagoda trees, cypresses, and pine trees, which make for nice tree shade. These trees generate a 3-4°C of temperature difference between the inside and outside of the park, a wonderful jogging place.

Reason for recommendation: Ancient architectural culture, nice environment

Best time for jogging: All day

Olympic Forest Park

Olympic Forest Park is billed as the “paradise for jogging”, and the largest urban park under planning and construction in Beijing at this point. Once dubbed as the “backyard garden” for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Olympic Forest Park now serves as a natural landscape tourist area and a great jogging place for Beijing residents. The well-equipped park has two jogging tracks, one 10 km, the other 5 km. Many runners across the country have come here to experience the wonder jogging paradise.

Reason for recommendation: Jogging paradise, clean air, greening

Best time for jogging: All day


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