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Featured Shops among Shopping Malls in Beijing


Among the numerous shopping malls of all sizes in Beijing, each one offers customers with unique shopping experience. Among which, it’s the less visible shops tucked away that set these shopping centers apart from others. Different from grandiose chain stores, these shops are delicate and distinctive, and can be spotted by master shoppers even sitting in corners. Now we will introduce several such shops to you.

Shanghai Xu Oriental Plaza

It’s a traditional cheongsam shop with delicate window display and inexpensive cheongsam dresses of high craftsmanship. You can feel the Shanghai flavor in each original, beautiful cheongsam dress. The shop offers bespoke cheongsam dresses, which cater to the different needs of women of all ages.

Address: subway floor, Oriental Plaza, No. 1, Dongchangan Street (near Subway Line Wangfujing Station)

Opening Hours: Monday - Sunday 10:00-22:00


IKEA has always been associated with quality life, and is committed to offering inexpensive, well-designed daily essentials with multiple functions as many as possible. Its Chinese name “Yi Jia” is a homophone of IKEA, and also refers to Chinese phrase “Yi Shi Yi Jia (good for household)”, indicating that products of IKEA bring about a harmonious family life. IKEA exists as the largest furniture retail business worldwide.

Address: Building 2, Compound 15, Xinning Street, Daxing District, Beijing (100 meters west of Exit A of Subway Line 4 Xihongmen Station)

Opening Hours: 10:00–22:00


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