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Refresh Your Body and Mind with Soothing Hot Spring


Hot spring is also a must-do in winter in Beijing. Relaxing yourself in warm water is a good option to ward off cold weather. 

Goinn Spa Hotel

It is a museum-style hotel that assembles a collection of cultural, art and historical pieces across the globe. In the meantime, it is also integrated with the traditional Chinese culture. As a platinum 7-star hotel which is reputed as the backyard garden of the CBD, the hotel combines Chinese elements with elegant western qualities. And this is the place where east meets west and where two different cultures harmoniously blend together.

When stepping into the hotel, you can get close to the nature and feel relaxed. It is like walking into another magical world. The combination of tradition and modernity, and the highly exclusive private space would make you feel proud of being a part of the hotel. The design and layout of hot springs demonstrate the design philosophy of integrating traditional leisure culture with modern science, creating a harmonious atmosphere between human and nature.

Address: No. 155, Shifoyingdongli, Chaoyang District, Beijing 北京市朝阳区石佛营东里155号

Tel: 010-52699666

Mingdu Hot Spring Hotel

In virtue of the unique artistic and cultural style, and the core status of Asian-Olympics business circle, the hotel becomes a new landmark of high-end hotels for business and leisure in Beijing. The cultural products create a strong cultural atmosphere in the hotel. In the over 10,000-square-meter hotel, guests can enjoy bathing in the hot spring, constant temperature hydrotherapy, deluxe sirloin and seafood buffet, traditional tea ceremony, five senses spa, finger massage, wines and cigars, calligraphy and painting, chess and playing card, and luxurious rooms. Mingdu Hot Spring Hotel is the ideal place where you can find delicious food, fully enjoy your lives and have fun.

Address: (East side of the Bird’s Nest) inside theChenyun Building, No. 8,Beichen EastRoad, Chaoyang District, Beijing  北京市朝阳区北辰东路8号辰运大厦内(鸟巢东侧)

Tel: 010-84988881

No. 8 Hot Spring Hotel

The hotel, situated in the No. 8 Apartment in Beijing, is sitting next to the Legation Quarter in Chaoyang District. Surrounded by the CBD international business circle, the hotel is surrounded by a lake in three sides and provides its guests with a superior environment. Here is also gathering many top-level brands at home and abroad like Tang Club, Kongyiji Restaurant, the 8th Cantonese Mansion, Japanese restaurant Ba Wei Fang and Block8 Bar.

The hotel is committed to providing comfortable and welcoming living environment for guests. All rooms are decorated in six different styles, in which the most deluxe lake-view room is equipped with a European-style terrace. All rooms in the hotel have exquisitely decorated washrooms, showers, massage tubs and liquid crystal displays. The bathing water in the hotel, which is extracted from 2,500-meter-deep underground hot spring, is rich in minerals and good for skin. All in all, No. 8 Hot Spring Hotel is a paradise for doing businesses and health-keeping.

Address: (Close to the Chaoyang Park) No. 8 Chaoyang Park Road 朝阳公园路8号(近朝阳公园)

Tel: 4008198070


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