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Fairyland of Snow and Ice


A visit to Beijing during its colder months is a great way to take advantage of the city’s wide offerings of winter tourism. During Beijing’s dramatic winter, the comforts of the big city provide a paradise.

Beijing Jundushan Ski Resort

Beijing Jundushan Ski Resort is nestled at the foot of the Jundu Mountain, about 30km from centre Beijing, which is also the closest skiing resort to Beijing. The resort covers an area of 150 thousand m2 featuring a variety of ski trails perfect for ski beginners and amateurs, including advanced ski runs with the highest degree of difficulty in China, safe and comfort elementary and intermediate ski runs, and training areas for beginners. Don’t worry if you don’t have any skiing tools for the resort also offers skiing tools rental. Tired out with too much exercises? The restaurants featuring Chinese and western cuisine and café can serve you a harbor to have a rest.

Night skiing is one of the fashionable items for skiing lovers offered by Jundu Mountain Skiing Resort. At night, the whole night skiing resort is shrouded in a golden atmosphere, due to the professional ultra-powerful lighting system, tending to be the best night skiing resort in Beijing. After a busy day, you can invite several good friends, drive for about 40 minutes to the skiing resort, and enjoy the romantic skiing in the moonlight.

If you go:

#588 Zhenshun Villge, Cuicun Town, Changpin District, Beijing. 北京市昌平区崔村镇真顺村588号

TEL: 86-010-60725888

Beijing Nanshan Ski Village

Beijing Nanshan Ski Village, located in Miyun District, is affordable and family friendly. Kind of new on skiing? Don’t worry. It has a kind and large beginner terrain in the region which provides an excellent on-the-snow experience, and makes learning to ski and snowboard fun for the whole family!  And the high-speed detachable lifts get you back up to the top of the mountain fast so you’ll have more time for turns on the slopes. If you are more advanced there are moguls and glades. Whatever your passion, there’s always a new adventure for you at Nanshan.

In addition to all kinds of slopes, the resort also holds winter sport games every now and then. In the future skiing season, like the Nanshan Christmas Carnival, the 4 th Nanshan Freeski Open, Nanshan Youth Skiing & Snowboarding Competition etc.


Self-drive route: Drive on Beijing-Chengde Express and veer off the high way at Miyun Exit.

Shuttle Bus:

Three shuttle buses depart from Sanyuanqian, Wudaokou and Shaoyaoju at 8:30 am deliver guests to Nansha Ski Village. Ticket costs CNY 45 on usual days and CNY 25 every Monday and Tuesday.

Reservation: 010-89091909

Wanlong Ski Resort

Wanlong Ski Resort is situated in Chongli, the venue of the 2022 Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Games. The resort is about 249 km from central Beijing and 60km from Zhangjiakou in Hebei Province. It covers an area of 1.8 million square meters while skiing trails occupy half area. The resort has the most varied terrain and some of the longest runs!  With 22 trails to challenge your skills so you'll never run out of thrills, and 16 lifts to get you back up to the top, the fun will never stop. The slope reaches the altitude of 2110.3 meters with perpendicular throw from 550 meters. It also boasts longest snow period and quality snow for its perfect snow-making system and geographical condition. The resort offers Salomon high-end skiing equipments rental service.

The resort also boasts a 4-star standard hotel with 124 guest rooms and multi-functional area which suits for group or family tour.

To make reservation:

Location: Honghualiang, Chongli, Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province 张家口市崇礼区红花梁


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