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Changchun Garden in Beijing


Changchun Garden (Garden of Eternal Spring) is situated to the south of the Old Summer Palace and the west part of Peking University, with the former address of the “Tsinghua Park" constructed by Li Wei, the grandfather of Ming Shenzong of the Ming Dynasty.

There are landscapes and buildings such as front lake, rear lake, Yihai Hall, Qingya Pavilion, Pavilion of water sound and Pavilion of Flowers in the park. It is speculated according to the notes and historical data of Ming Dynasty, the park known as “the most famous park in Beijing covers an area of 1200 mu. In Qing Dynasty, by taking advantage of the residual water veins and hill stones, the Changchun Garden was constructed in imitation of the landscape in regions south of the Yangtze River on the former site as the detached palace for sunstroke prevention and court holding in suburb. According to the estimation based on literature drawings and archives, the whole length of garden from south to north is about 1000 m and the width is about 600 m, with covered area of 900 mu (60 hectares).

Featured by landscape architectures, the Changchun Garden has plain buildings mainly of small round ridge roof tile top building, without colored drawings. The park wall is built by tiger skin stones, and the mountain is piled with flat soil hills but not precious lake stones. The natural and plain design style of the garden affects the royal palatial gardens such as Mountain Resort and the old Summer Palace (before the extension by Qianlong).


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