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Fragrant Hills and Jingyi Garden


Fragrant Hills Park

Situated in western suburb of Beijing, with a covered area of 188 hectares and steep terrain and continuous green scenes, Fragrant Hills Park is a royal park featured with scenes of mountain forest. As early as Yuan Dynasty, Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty, the royal established the detached palace and the house at the park in Fragrant Hills for emperors to hunt animals and enjoy cool in summer and autumn.

Yong’an Temple on Fragrant Hills was the head of the temples in Western Beijing, and the well-known 28 scenes were established in the 10th year of Qianlong Period (1745). Most of the 28 scenes have been restored and reconstructed at present.

Jingyi Garden (Garden of Tranquility and Pleasure)

Jingyi Garden is a temporary imperial palace on Fragrant Hills in Qing Dynasty. Featured by natural scenes, the Jingyi Garden has the most beautiful scene of maple leaves on the whole mountain in autumn. There are the “28 scenes” named by Emperor Qianlong. The structure of the whole garden descends along with the hillside, which is divided into three parts of the internal park, the external park and the separation park. The internal park is situated in the half-slope of the southeast part, as a place for main scenic spots and buildings.

The external park is the alpine region of the Fragrant Hills, with vast areas distributed with 15 scenic spots, most of which are optimal places for appreciation of natural scene and small garden buildings constructed in accordance with spot scenes. The separation park is situated in the north of the garden, including two buildings of Zhaomiao Temple and Zhengning Hall.

Address: Fragrant Hills Park, Biyunsi Road, Haidian District


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