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Butterfly Spring Restaurant


Yunnan cuisine enjoys high reputation for its excellent tastes and wonderful look at home and abroad. You can also sample this amazing cuisine in Beijing.

The Butterfly Spring Restaurant is housed in Lingjing Hutong. It is owned by the Dali Municipal Government and is the most authentic place for nourishing, fresh Yunnan cuisine in the capital. The Butterfly Spring is a famous tourist attraction in Dali, Yunnan Province, which is also the symbol of the city. You can see all the famous dishes of Yunnan cuisine such as Crossing the bridge noodles, Steam pot chicken from here. The restaurant looks not so delicacy while the dishes are wonderful. The waitresses are dressed in Bai people’s clothing, a minority in Southwest China.

Price: 120 RMB/person

Opening Hours: 07:00-09:00 11:00-13:30 17:00-20:00 Daily

Address: 1F Butterfly Spring Hotel, #55 Xixie Street, Beidajie Avenue, Xidan Commercial Area, Xicheng District, Beijing. 西单北大街西斜街55号蝴蝶泉宾馆1楼(近宏庙小学)

Recommended Dishes:  crossing the bridge noodles (过桥米线), Steam pot chicken (原汁松茸汽锅鸡), pineapple rice (菠萝饭),Granny's potato(老奶洋芋)


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