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Autumn Arrives at Olympic Forest Park


The Olympic Forest Park enjoys highreputation in Beijing boasting a total area of 680 hectares. It is known as thelargest man made forest park in urban area. Built for the 2008 BeijingOlympics, the park has two parts: the southern part is oval in shape andfeatures a lake in the center, and the northern side has a mountain that givesan excellent view of this part of the city. The northern part features manywalking paths and a jogging path. Several small islands on the lake are linkedby bridges. Since two 10-kilometer runways are both available in the north andsouth parks, it is a wonderland for Marathon enthusiasts. Especially onweekends, many people assemble at the venue.

In addition to brilliant flowers of the parkin spring and summer, leaves in autumn are charming as well. The fallen leavesresemble butterflies dancing in the air, which creates a fairy vibe forvisitors. Don’t you want to have a try that tread on yellow leaves? Come toOlympic Forest Park to enjoy the wonderful autumn scenery.

If you go:

Lincui Road, 5thRing North Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing.


Opening Hours: 6:00 – 21:00

Ticket Price: Free


Metro: Take Line 8and get off at Sen Lin Gong Yuan Nan Station

BRT: Take Line 3and get off at Yang Shan Qiao Nan Stop

Bus: No. 510, No.81 and No. 379

Parking service isavailable near the gate of the park.


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