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Enjoy Badaling National Forest Park


The Beijing Badaling National Forest Park lies between the Badaling Great Wall and the Junyong Pass covering an area of 29 square kilometers. Its highest peak reaches an altitude of 1238 meters. The park has many scenic area including Red Leaves Scenic Area, Qinglong Valley Scenic Area, Dingxiang Valley Scenic Area and Shixia Gorge Scenic Area. The Red Leaves Scenic Area is perfect for enjoying the Great Wall where the Great Wall flows over the red leaves sea in autumn. It is much more beautiful than visitors imagine. The first train line of China designed by Zhan Tianyou, runs through the park.

The park steps in autumn earlier than other area for its high altitude. It is an oxygen bar stands in suburb Beijing.

Admission Fee: 35 RMB



Take No.877 bus at the north side of De Sheng Men (德胜门箭楼) to arrive directly at Badaling Great Wall. It takes about 1.5 hour and the bus ticket costs RMB 12. The time of last bus back to Beijing is at 17:00.


Take train S2 at Beijing North Railway Station. A highlight guide to the ticket office of S2 can be seen at the station. The procedure for taking S2 is similar to taking the subway. Yikatong (public transit prepaid smart card) is valid to take the train as well. It takes about 1.5 hours and the ticket costs 6 RMB.

As the seat number is not available on the ticket, it would be better to line up at station in advance if you want seats.


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