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One Night in WuHuan


Venue: National Centre for the Performing Arts - Beijing Comedy Theatre

Dates: October 13-15, 2017


This is the first stage play produced by Jingying Entertainment·Comedy Academy, which is adapted on the basis of Georges Feydeau’s classical work and directed by the Hong Kong comedy master Jim Chim Sui-man.

Director's Note

This time I select a dozen young performers because they have the explosive power and energy unique to the youth, as well as unsophisticated naivety. I wish to take advantage of such naivety and energy to create an unprecedented form of comedy.

We all need love. Our life is in vain without love!


Original Autor: Georges Feydeau

Script Adaptor: KANG Wenxuan, Jim Chim Sui-man

Executive Presenter: ZHAI Zhihai

Planner: LI Shan

Managing Producer: ZHOU Dan

Director: Jim Chim Sui-man

Set Designer: WANG Chen

Lighting Designer: MA Mingqian

Style Designer: KOU Jianfei

Composer: ZHANG Shu

Graphic Designer: MENG Yangyang

Publicity Director: SHI Liu

Deputy Managing Producer: Anan

Presenter: Jingying Group

Producer: Jingying Entertainment·Comedy Academy


CAI Jiaming, Mingxing, PANG Hao, LI Zhenni, ZHANG Xiao, ZHANG Fenghao, FAN Xujun, DONG Jianwen, MAO Guosong, ZHOU Liming, TAO Nijun


Love is the eternal topic of humankind. Marriage witnesses the eternal debate between men and women. Men and women stick to their arguments and make utmost extents to strongly argue on just grounds. In the end, who can win this battle? At a strange and ambiguous night of Valentine's Day, when a successful man and the other man’s housewife kiss in a resort hotel with “hidden secret”, they fall into the uncontrollable “uncanny” event. More and more people are involved into this event...


Jim Chim Sui-man Director

Born in Hong Kong, Jim Chim Sui-man majored in Theatre and Drama in Hong Kong. After graduation, he studied mimes under the tutelage of the famous British physical theater director David Glass. He was also invited to join a tour in Britain. Afterwards, he continuously visited the drama masters, and was successively instructed by masters in the United States, Germany, Denmark, Russia, Britain and other countries and regions. Later, he studied performance skills and accepted physical training under the tutelage of Philippe Gaulier and Monika Pagneux, both prestigious French performance trainers. The concept of “PIP”—“Pleasure, Imagination and Play” is not only his life philosophy, but also the ultimate origin of his performance and creation.

Jim Chim Sui-man is a cross-media performer, director, and screenwriter. In the past two decades, he has created more than 60 Hong Kong-style stage works on the basis of “PIP”, and presented more than 8,000 stage performances in different forms, which attract more than 1.58 million audiences.


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