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6 Highlights of BITF 2017


The 19th Beijing International Tourism Festival 2017 (BITF 2017) will be held at the Beijing Olympic Park from October 1 to 4. Performing groups from 18 countries will present splendid performances and thematic activities for visitors.

Below are 6 highlights of the festival.

1. Bike tour in Beijing

Shared-bicycle, one of the China's new great innovations, is changing people's lives and BITF 2017 will invite more than 30 overseas tourists to ride in Beijing’s old city and enjoy thethe city's culture.

2. Five theme chapters to revive the Silk Road spirit

The festival, themed “Silk Road links the World, Beijing Trip Delights the Crowd”, covers five themes: “New rhyme of the old road”, “Ode of peace”, “Dace of the great time”, “Embrace the world”, and “Splendor of civilization”, depicting the Silk Road spirit, i.e., the spirit of peace and cooperation, openness and inclusiveness, mutual learning and mutual benefits.

Beijing has gradually become a hub among overseas tourists and is synonymous with fashionable travel.

3. Multi-group professional team

BITF 2017 has invited 25 performing groups from 18 countries to present splendid performances and themed activities for visitors.

German acrobatic troupe “Star of Destiny”

The famous German art acrobatic group has received a number of professional awards. They will bring spectacular acrobatics and passionate art dance to visitors.

Russian Rovesnik Art Troupe 

With a history of nearly 80 years, the Russian art troupe has won many international awards.

Latvian National Ballet

The Latvian Carrousel National Ballet will bring dance performances in a variety of style. The team members aged from 4 years to 50.

4. “Touching Beijing with the Disabled” Social Welfare Activity

The social welfare activity for disabled people is an important part of the festival. This year, they will be invited to watch performances. Besides, an exhibition of disabled artists’ painting and calligraphy will be held to display their cultural life.

5. Overseas publicity of Beijing tourism

Since bing first established, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Tourism Development has been promoting the activity in many channels, including Facebook, Instagram, WeChat, etc.

The activity“Voting for Your Favorite Scenery in Beijing” has attracted attention of 5 million overseas tourists.

6. Travel without borders, Beijing welcomes you

As the most influential international comprehensive tourism festival and an important platform of cultural platform, the Beijing International Tourism Festival has been successfully held for 18 sessions in Beijing. Through the festival, Beijing has been known by more and more tourists and will be a tourist city without borders.

The 19th Beijing International Tourism Festival will kick off at the Celebration Square of the Olympic Park on October 1. We will see you there!


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