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QR Code Killer


Venue: Beijing Comedy Theatre

Dates: September 13-24, 2017


Is the motive unknown? And so is the method or eyewitness? Six people are killed within 3 years, yet there is nothing but a QR code left on the scenes. Is this what is so-called perfect crime? The bodies stabbed in the head with a knife disappear incredibly, and is this going to get the case investigation beyond control?

The stage set is renovated and refined to create a city of sin that looks both illusive and real. The stage looks like a real one from which you can see the Oscar award ceremony, the TCM/Traditional Chinese Medicine hospital in the Chinatown, the American street and the pleasure ground.


Six people are killed, yet no motive, method or eyewitness could be found. There is nothing but a QR code...Is this the so-called perfect crime? The body of the victim, who is stabbed in the head with a knife, disappears secretly, leaving the case getting out of control...


Mahua FunAge

Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Beijing, Beijing Mahua FunAge Entertainment Culture Media Co., Ltd. started producing and releasing stage plays in 2003. With strong comedy creation ability and professional and precise generalization and marketing abilities, it has become a comedy brand with high market appeal in China's stage play field.

At present, Mahua FunAge has successfully released a number of classic works that have received a good box office and reputation, including The Clown Loves Beauty, Xumoti World, Xialuo’s Troubles, The Count of Wulong Mountain and Dream of the Past Year. It has repeatedly created miracles of Chinese drama performance which have promoted ‘Watch Mahua’ into a mass culture consumption phenomenon in China. In recent years, Mahua FunAge has also engaged in other businesses, such as expanding musical drama, internet drama, movies and artist management to form a professional and comprehensive entertainment industry system.


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