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Venue: National Centre for the Performing Arts - Theatre

Dates: September 16-17, 2017


In 1913, CAI E was transferred to the capital under an order from the President of the Republic of China YUAN Shikai. The President entrusted him with an important postition to win over his support, and he was also enchanted with the President. Also, he hoped to fulfill his dream of making the country and army stronger with his own efforts. However, the President YUAN Shikai, who had conceived an idea of being enthroned, distrusted him, and therefore sent for his family members in an attempt to keep him under control. Ostensibly YUAN Shikai showed concern for him, but in fact his family members were already held hostage. CAI E pretended to be dissipated and shiftless all day long to relax YUAN Shikai’s vigilance, but YUAN Keding, the eldest son of YUAN Shikai, who was ambitious to be crown prince, became suspicious of CAI E and ordered a raid on his house. CAI E seized the chance to get his family members out of the capital and send them back home. And he took the initiative to denounce Yuan Shikai and his son in order to feel out YUAN Shikai and to see if he wanted to take the throne. In the face of the irresistible restoration, CAI E, to earn trust from YUAN Shikai, took the lead in signing a joint letter to support his ascending the throne. YUAN Shikai, who was greatly pleased, allowed CAI E to leave Beijing to recuperate. CAI E traveled thousands of miles and returned to Yunnan, where he mounted a National Protection Army and made an official denunciation of YUAN Shikai to denounce the despotic dictatorship. YUAN Shikai was forced to abolish the autocratic monarchy and fell from power. At the time CAI E had been critically ill with advanced laryngeal carcinoma and couldn’t speak aloud to his men who had fought side by side with him. They knew what he wanted to say, and thus shouted in a loud voice in his stead, “Long live the Republic!”


General Consultants: HU Henghua, CHEN Wenhao

General Planner: GAO Shan

General Supervisor: CHEN Zhong

General Coordinators: LI Jianghua, ZHAO Bolin

General Producer: YANG Changjiang

Planner: YANG Changjiang

Supervisor: PENG Yong

Production Coordinators: ZHANG Xiaomei, CHEN Li, LIU Huiyang, SHI Yingzi, WANG Liurong, LI Dianqiong

Executive Presenters: LUO Zhiyong, XU Ying

Managing Producer: FENG Rong

Artistic Director: XU Ying

Playwright: TANG Ling

Directors: ZHOU Long, FENG Rong

Orchestrator: LIU Yue

Tune Designer: HE Yimin

Conductor: XIAO Ming

Set & Lighting Designer: HAN Jiang

Costume Designer: MEN Xiaoguang

Style Designer: JIANG Xia

Deputy Directors: YANG Zhuo, GAO Huan

Chorusmaster: ZHANG Wei

Choreographers: MAO Zhiqiong, XIONG Zhuo, HUANG Yongtao, LI Hongqi

Managing Producer: YANG Zhuo


CAI E: LUO Zhiyong

YUAN Shikai: CAO Rulong

Mrs. CAI: HUANG Hong (Guest), ZHOU Fan

YANG Du: FENG Fuqiang

YUAN Keding: ZHOU Huisheng

LIANG Qichao: TAN Jianguo

Old Fogy A: TANG Bohua

Old Fogy B: XU Ende

Old Fogy C: WU Renbin

Old Fogy D: JIANG Yuwang

8th Concubine: CAO Weizhi, LIAO Jingbo, TANG Hui, GAO Huan, XIAO Chen, LI Saizhu, DENG Qian, LI Dan

Bawd: LI Fang

Servant: LIU Jian


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