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Baihua Mountain Scenic Area


Baihua Mountain Scenic Area is located in Mentougou District, 62 miles (100 kilometers) west of Beijing city center. With an area of 7,413 acres (30 square kilometers), it has beautiful natural landscapes and diverse geology. The perennial vegetation coverage (up to 96%) endows the mountain with cool and moist climate. It is popular among the locals and tourists and was designated a national nature reserve in 2008. You can appreciate most representative plants and trees on the mountain. A meadow on the top of mountain boasts a great variety of colorful flowers which attract many amateur photographers. If you are lucky enough you could even be blessed with a sea of clouds to add spice to your shots. Touring the whole area takes about half day and the ticket costs 40 RMB. The spot is about 2 hours away from urban Beijing which makes it suitable for a self-driving tour.


Qingshui County, Mentougou District, Beijing


1. The scenic spot closes from late October to April every year.

2. The surroundings can get a little too chilly so make sure you make arrangements to keep warm.

3. Be cautious of intensive sunshine.

4. Food should be prepared for it is not convenient to purchase near the spot.


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