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Ink Painting Exhibition of Du Dakai


Exhibition Info:

Exhibition Period: July 21, 2017 - August 31, 2017

Exhibition Venue: Exhibition Hall 5-6, Third Floor, Tsinghua University Art Museum

Chief Curator Feng Yuan

Academic Director Zhang Xiaoling

Project Manager Yang Dongjiang

Project Coordinator Wang Chenya

Visual Design Wang Peng

Exhibition Team Liu Yaxi Wang Zhao Xu Nuo Lan Yu Zhang Mingmin

Host Tsinghua University Art Museum Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua UniversityExhibition Profile

This exhibition shows the ink and wash paintings as well as watercolours of Du Dakai in recent years, which are themed at landscapes, human body and still life. Natural environment and shabby houses; flowers, fruits and vegetables; forests and animals; different figures: all these are originally and skillfully integrated into Du's philosophy of ink and wash images. Mr. Du Dakai is not confined to existing classical patterns but chooses to explore a new horizon for his paintings by directly introducing the true life. The routine image records on show not only reflect the plain yet special fun of life enjoyed by the artist, but express his acute idea of the vast world.Artist Profile

Mr. Du Dakai has a very colorful artistic career, achieving greatly in oil painting, watercolor, mural, decorative painting and craft-arts design. His versatility and diversified artistic practices ensure him every opportunity of touching ink and wash painting, one of the most traditional Chinese art forms. He started to explore ink and wash painting at middle age, and has so far shaped his unique language of art and ways of manifestation after nearly 3 decades of efforts, thus bringing about modern innovations to the old form of art.

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