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Enjoy Hutongs in Beijing


Hutongs are the symbol of Beijing wherein many Beijingers grow up. To enjoy old Beijing culture, Hutong is an essential dimension. Nowadays, many unique restaurants, hotels and stores are hidden within Hutongs, which provide you with good options to learn more about the city. Below are some recommendations.

Eat in Hutongs

Southern Fish -- A Combination of Food and Interior Design

The Southern Fish is a private kitchen hidden inside a hutong in Beijing boasting Hunan cuisine. Uniqueness is what defines the restaurant. It has been introduced by many construction websites as it integrates food and interior design perfectly. Located in Yangmeizhu Xiejie, the restaurant was reconstructed on an old two-storey house with a small yard. The inside space is larger than one would imagine, in which about 20 tables are placed in the hall and 2 private rooms with a capacity of 20 guests. Every detail is to be regarded. Attention to detail is seen on the menu, decoration and even the tableware have their own unique feature. The host of the restaurant is a builder who designed the restaurant himself. Black, white and pink are the main hues of the restaurant, which creates a neat and succinct dining atmosphere for guests. It is mentioned that waiters are especially warm.

In terms of food, spicy-flavored dishes are the main vibe, which is also the feature of Hunan cuisine. Hence, they go well with rice. Preserved eggs with hot pepper sauce (la jiao lei pi dan), stir fried beef with cayenne and onion (feng mi niu rou) are the most popular dishes.

Price: 114 RMB/person

Address: #166 Yangmeizhu Xiejie, Xicheng District

Opening Hours: Tue-Sun 11am-2.30pm, 5-10.30pm

Tel: (86)010-8315-2539

Grandma's Legend -- A Tea Restaurant with Homelike Atmosphere

The Grandma's Legend is a Chinese culture-themed tea restaurant with a homelike atmosphere. As it is located in a quadrangle court yard, the restaurant is filled with strong Beijing style elements such as red lamps, ancient furniture etc. Homemade style dishes are the main attraction. Braised duck and sirloin are recommended.

Besides various dishes, it also sells groceries including tea, honey, fine dried noodles, and clothes. It is mentioned that tea leaves here are cultivated by the host of restaurant in natural way. Hence, the tea is especially sweet and fragrant.

In addition, all kinds of cultural salons are held at the venue regularly, such as Zheng performance, Kuqu, calligraphy etc. It offers a platform for people who are interested in Western culture and Chinese culture. For those who love Chinese culture, it’s an ideal option for learning more about Chinese culture.

Tips: Reservation is needed before dining.

Price: 67 RMB/person

Location: No.6 Fangzhuanchang Hutong, Dianmenwai Street. (near the Nanluogu Lane and the Drum Tower.)

Tel: 010-64035469

Slow Boat Brewery Taproom -- Taste Authentic Craft Beer Here

Located in Dongsi Batiao in Beijing, the Slow Boat Brewery Taproom opened in 2012 and quickly became a favorite destination among locals and expats alike. Hidden in the maze-like alleyways, the simple but cozy Taproom has enjoyed five years of booming business. It has gained citywide awards for best burgers, craft beer, and nightlife.

Recommended Beers: Captain's Pale Ale, Monkey's Fist IPA, Zombie Pirate Pale Ale, Helmsman's Honey Ale, S.O.S Belgian Wit, Sea Anchor Imperial Vanilla Stout, Riptide Raspberry Ale, Pole Star Pilsner

Location: #56-2 Dongsi Batiao, Dongcheng District.

Live in Hutongs

Peking International Youth Hostel

The Peking International Youth Hostel is situated in the south of Nanluoguxiang, the most colorful Hutong district in Beijing. Standing on the lane, tourists can see the Jingshan Mountain to the south while the Bell Tower and the Drum Tower are to the north. Walking through Jingshan Park, tourists can access the Palace Museum and the Tiananmen Square. Passing through Yuer Hutong, tourists can reach Qianhai Lake and Houhai Lake to the west. The hostel offers a variety of rooms from large and spacious budget dorms to affordable double rooms, and luxury rooms.

The fabulous Peking International Youth Hostel is your home in Beijing.

Location: No.113-2 Nan Luo Gu Xiang, Dongcheng District, Beijing, China

Tel: 010-64013961

Hotel Côté Cour

Hotel Côté Cour is a small hotel located in a quadrangle courtyard deftly combining modern and ancient styles. The courtyard is the main building, leading to side houses, an inner courtyard, a backside building and a rooftop for recreation. The classic architecture details and intriguing decoration are smoothly blended with modern amenities and elements of contemporary art. 14 guest rooms with advanced facilities are in service. The name of the hotel is originated from the Hutong it is located in, where many royal musicians used to live in the Ming Dynasty. Yard is a highlight of the hotel which is covered by two big jujube trees thathavestood for over 200 years.

It offers convenient transportation as the hotel is within walking distance from attractions such as Wangfujing, the Palace Museum. It is an ideal option for experiencing old Beijing culture.

Location: No.70 Yanyue HutongBeijing.

Tel: +86 1065239598


Beijing Wada International Youth Hostel

The hotel is a foreign-focused youth hostel based on an authentic Quadrangle which lies in aHutong. Every morning, tourists wake up to birds’ chirping. Many old pedestrians are curious about the group of young and friendly people who stroll by everyday. Located at the end of Houmao Hutong in Zhaodengyu Streetin downtown, West District, the hotel is nearby tourist attractions including Xu Beihong Museum, Mei Lanfang Museum, Prince Kung's Mansion and Houhai Lake Park.Banks, stores, specialty shops and restaurants are all over it. It is very convenient to visit any attraction in the city by bus or subway from the hostel.

Location: No.8, North Hat Hutong, NewStreet, Xicheng District, Beijing

Lama Temple Youth Hostel beijing

Located in downtown area in Dongcheng District, Lama Hostel has a good traffic condition. Situated in the Beijing Protection Reserve for key Hutong Culture, the hotel embodies Beijing’s culture and offers a quiet stay. Many tourist attractions are nearby: 2-minute walk from the famous food street — Gui Street, 8-minute walk from the Lama Temple and Guozijian Street ( all kinds of snack bars), 15-minute walk from South Luogu Alley Bar Street and The Central Academy Of Drama, 20-minute walk from Bell Tower, Drum Tower and Houhai Lake. Sanlitun is near the hotel as well. The hostel is of easy access to most attractions in the city.

Address: No.56, Toutiao Hutong, Lama Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing ( B Exit of Beixinqiao Station of metro line 5 )

Play in Hutongs

Plastered 8 -- Creative Street Wear 

Nanluoguxiang is dotted with many vintage shops and stores and Plastered 8 is one of them. The shop is considered Beijing’s most famous creative street wear. Founded in 2006, the shop has been a must-go spot for many domestic and foreign visitors.

Vintage T-shirts,theflagship products of the shop, are full of Beijing flavor with symbols of Beijing such as Beijing subway ticket, Kun Pao Chicken and the Chinese character xi (囍). Besides T-shirts, all kinds of items including enameled cups and thermos flasks can be found there as well.

In addition, items that Beijingers are familiar with such as barber shop lamps and tricyclesdecorate the place. The shop has been visited by many famous TV programs in China.

What is surprising is that the shop is a brainchild of a British man, Jiang Senhai, who fell in love with Beijing when he visited it for the first time. After living in China for over 20 years, he is an old China hand now and speaks Mandarin fluently.


Location: #61 Nan Luo Gu Xiang

Opening Hours: 9:30 – 22:30 in winter

9:30 – 23:00 in summer

Price: T-shirt is about 150 – 200 RMB in different sizes. Couple dress is available as well.

Drum Tower West Theater -- Black Box Theatre

There are many small theaters hidden in Hutongs in Beijing, offering excellent and creative dramas and performances everyday. They are good choices for art lovers. The Drum Tower West Theater (DTWT) is one of them, which is a young “black box theater” founded in 2013. It is located at a peaceful corner of Xiaobadaowan Hutong, alongside the Gulou West Street, surrounded by historic sites and within walking distance from the prosperous commercial blocks. The theater accommodates 243 people. Right outside the theater is You He Li Café. The coffee shop is a perfect place for a good read.

Address: No.6 Xiaobadaowan Hutong, Xicheng District.

Nearby Tourist Attractions:

Drum Tower, Houhai Lake, Residence of Song Qingling

Penghao Theater -- A Theater without Borders

Located in Dongmianhua Hutong, Penghao Theater is the first quadrangle courtyard style theater in Beijing. Founded in 2008, it is called Hao Zi Gan by drama fans as well. The name of the theater “Penghao” comes from the poem written by Li Bai. In the poem, the “Penghao” means ordinary people. The founder of the theater said that he hoped every ordinary person could watch dramas in the theater. “A theater without borders” is the slogan of the theater.

Covered by a huge locust tree, Penghao Theater provides audiences with a quiet and comfortable environment. The performance area can seat an audience of up to 90 people. It is equipped with advanced facilities. Furthermore, a café, library and exhibition hall are inside the premises. Themed performance art, the Penghao Library is free for thepublic and has a variety of books for all tastes. Besidebooks, the library is also a channel to show theatrical art. In the future, more cultural activities such as salons, lectures and forums will be held.

The theater occupies an important place in drama art despitebeing asmall space. More than 200 dramas have been performed for over 1,500 times, which has attracted 13,500 audiences, at least. Since 2010, many drama festivals such as the Beijing Nanluoguxiang Theater Festival have been held.Drama salons are hosted regularly. Not only does it provide a stage for performance but it also produces dramas. The Story of Luoguxiang, I’m the Seagull and The Facial Mould of a Maid by the Seine are masterpieces.

Location: No.35 Dongmianhua Hutong, Nandajia Street, Dongcheng District

Tel: 010-64006472(10:00-22:00)


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