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Top 10 tourism cities on Chinese mainland


Beijing has been ranked as the best tourism city on the Chinese mainland, according to a study jointly issued by and

Cities on the Chinese mainland were evaluated based on five aspects; number of visitors, tourism revenue and its contribution to the local economy, traffic and tourism infrastructure.

It's not surprising that Beijing, China's capital city came out on top.

In 2016, Beijing received 280 million domestic tourists and 4.16 million foreign visitors. Its tourism revenue amounted to about 502.1 billion yuan, 20 percent of the city's total GDP.

Travel in Beijing is very convenient as its highways, railways and airlines connect with many locations.

With a history of more than 3,000 years, Beijing is a metropolis with abundant natural and cultural resources.

It houses 244 national A-class scenic spots and eight are five-A, the top grade ofthe country's tourist site classification system. There are 554 starred hotels, 64 of which are five-star alongside 2,204 travel agencies who provide diversified services to visitors.

Receiving 450 million visitors in 2016, Chongqing, China's "hotpot capital", was the most visited. Its tourism revenue totaled 264.5 billion yuan, accounting for 15 percent of its GDP.

As a transport hub in the southwest region, Chongqing has a developed traffic network consisting of highways, railways, waterways and airlines.

The mountainous city embraces 214 national A-class scenic spots and seven are five-A grade. Approximately 227 starred hotels and 479 travel agencies are available to visitors.

Shanghai comes third on the list. In 2016, the metropolis was the second most visited city with 300 million visitors recorded. Its tourism industry had registered revenue of 389.7 billion yuan last year, contributing to 14 percent of its GDP.

As China's economic center, Shanghai has a perfect traffic network but it offers relatively less in terms of natural and cultural resources compared to Beijing and Chongqing. Nevertheless, the newly opened Disneyland Resort has added much more glamour for tourists.

Significantly, the research found that five cities can truly be labeled as tourism cities as the contribution of the tourism industry to their local economies exceeds 60 percent.

They are Lijiang City of Yunnan Province, Huangshan City of Anhui Province, Sanya City of Hainan Province, Jinzhong City of Shanxi Province, and Shangrao City of Jiangxi Province,

Here is the list of the top ten tourism cities onthe Chinese mainland.

#10 Nanjing

Having served as the capital of various dynasties, kingdoms and republican governments dating back from the 3rd century CE to 1949, Nanjing has a prominent place in Chinese history.

#9 Suzhou

At present, 9 classical gardens of Suzhou and the Suzhou Section of the Grand Canal are listed in the Catalogue of World Cultural Heritage.

#8 Hangzhou

Hangzhou is renowned for its historic relics and natural beauty.

#7 Wuhan

If you're in Wuhan, an absolute must-see is the Yellow Crane Tower.

#6 Chengdu

Chengdu is the homeland of the giant panda, which is reputed as a living fossil and a national treasure.

#5 Guangzhou

Baiyun Mountain is a household scenic spot in Guangzhou, which attracts over 20 million visitors every year.

#4 Tianjin

Tianjin, one of China’s four municipalities directly under the Central Government, is the largest opening coastal city in North China, one of the National Famous Historical and Cultural Cities in China, as well as a member of the first group of the outstanding tourist cities of China.

#3 Shanghai

#2 Chongqing

Hotpot is the most famous and favorite dish in Chongqing, which is noted for its peppery hot taste - while scalding hot, it is fresh and tender.

#1 Beijing

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